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    Accidentally discovered 17 x 10 nodule

    I just want to take a moment and thank this wonderful group! While I have most likely dodged a bullet, I have found your help and support invaluable while getting it figured out. I hope you all fully realize what a great thing it is you do here.
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    Accidentally discovered 17 x 10 nodule

    The pulmonologist doesn't agree about the nodule being spiculated after the second CT scan (high res this time). The nodule has not changed in appearance or size. He is certain that it is benign. He thinks it is a granuloma that is probably related to a common infection in the area I grew up. I am scheduled for another CT in 9 months just to be certain. That will be followed with one in 12 months. That is better news than I was expecting to hear.
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    From the article, “We are pleased to offer this Tecentriq-based combination as a new treatment option that can provide a clinically meaningful survival benefit for people with non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer,” said Levi Garraway, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer and head of Global Product Development. 'Today’s approval offers another opportunity to help prolong the lives of people with this type of the disease'.” You can read the full story here: https://www.gene.com/media/press-releases/14827/2019-12-03/fda-approves-genentechs-tecentriq-plus-c
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    I hope your husband feels better and recoups from the respiratory virus. You can always ask to change up some of the chemo drugs. I had a successful lobectomy and wedge resection and then started chemo about 4 weeks after surgery. While I think the lung healing has stalled a bit (the surgeon said it would). I did read through the drugs the doctor recommended. Instead of Cisplatin (his first recommendation) I went with Carboplatin as it has less side effects and is not as wicked as the Cisplatin. Yes, I have had some fatigue but overall I had no problem with the Carboplatin. Also had Taxol ..only side effects hair loss and now some neuropathy in my feet and hands. Because of the neuropathy my last 2 cycles we are changing the Taxol to Gemzar and hopefully there will be bad side effects. The moral of the story is that You have the option to look at different chemo drugs and ask questions. Don't focus on the worst of the side effects unless there is an underlying condition that worries you. Look at the overall and common and go with what you may be most comfortable with. You can always change up the chemo drugs or say stop treatment.
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    8mm nodul with spiculated

    Hi Medlaw, Occasionally a small nodule can be removed by a wedge resection, which takes out only a part of the lobe.It depends in part on the locatiion of the nodule. If it's near the outer edge of the lobe, a wedge could be possible. Mine was too far inside. Removing it would have destroyed the blood circulation below it. I had a lower right lobectomy by VATS (video assisted). This requires only small incisions. It was a fairly easy surgery, as surgeries go. I was released from the hospital the following day. My activities were restricted for a couple of weeks, but I was able to get around and take care of myself. My surgeon said that unless I was planning to run a marathon, I probably wouldn't notice a difference in my lung capacity and I don't. I do notice that my breathing sometimes sounds different on that side, but I can breath fine. I'm 74. My surgery was 3 years ago. My quality of life is good.
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    Another newbie ... Still a bit in shock

    Hi Marie, good you went to the ER! I hope your husband will consider looking for another doctor rather than giving up on treatment. I don't think the kind of failure to respond that you've experienced is characteristic of oncologists. Let us know how things are going.
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