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    Hey Ladies, I was thinking the same thing this morning then I went out for a walk and came back with a very different perspective. I am still standing! Even with a Stage IV lung cancer, I’ve now survived longer than some with other “treatable” diseases. My heart did break when the media reported the Travolta family elected to keep the fight private, I can only imagine the love and support would have poured out. Lin’s got it right. Faith over fear.
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    Lisa Haines

    Husband restarting Chemo

    Tracy, This is very interesting and I'm so surprised to read that a Stage IV patent was able to have surgery. I've always been under the impression that Stage IV was "NOT" considered operable. This is the first time I recall anyone having surgery at Stage IV! WOW!! I was Stage IV myself and went for three different opinion as was told by everyone that I was not a surgical candidate and I always thought it was because of my Stage. Maybe it's was more to do with the location of my tumors and the fact that I also had a brain met? Thanks for sharing, I'm totally shocked!
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    Lin wilki

    Broken ribs?

    I have bilateral rib fractures. I believe my osteoporosis got worse from steroids from chemo They aren’t healing since I keep coughing! Not fun
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