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    Susan Cornett

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    Hi Rose. I had SBRT in September 2018 for a tumor in my lower left lung. I've been NED since so I am definitely a fan of the treatment. I had already had my upper lobe removed and my doc didn't think I was a good candidate for surgery. By the time mine was found, it was in my lymph nodes and thyroid. Please keep us posted on your progress and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
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    Rower Michelle

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    Hi Rose, Greetings from your “next state” neighbor in Kansas. I made several trips to the Capital when I was working. I was diagnosed Stage IV in September 2018 and a month later the biomarker revealed ALK Positive NSCLC. I had Mets to the rib, hip & spine. Similar story in that I had no symptoms until a persistent cough developed over the summer. No one is looking for lung cancer in healthy people. I’m glad you found us, here in this forum you’ll find everyone to be warm and supportive. Let us know how you’re doing so we can keep you company along the way. There is no question or topic that is too small and with the combined experience here this group has a lot to offer. Welcome. Michelle
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