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  1. Hang in there kayb! I was dx stage 1b NSCLC adenocarcinoma in September of 2013 and had a VATS upper right lobectomy followed by four rounds of Carboplatin / Alimta chemotherapy. I finally made it to NED in November of 2014 after they had been watching a couple of spots that were remnants from the surgery. At my quarterly scan in February of this year, the chest x-ray showed a new spot in my left lung. CT scan, PET scan, biopsy and ended up with a wedge resection on April 7th that I'm recovering from. It's frustrating to have the recurrence to deal with, but I'm thankful that my quarterly scans did exactly what they are designed to do and we were able to catch this spot early and get it out of there. I'll meet with my oncologist on Wednesday to see if they are able to determine if this is a new primary tumor or a delayed metastasis from my original cancer. You've got enough to fight with on the physical front, don't let cancer beat you up on the mental front as well. You are in my prayers and I hope we'll be reading about a successful surgery in the near future for you.
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