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    Who has Small Cell Lung Cancer?

    I was diagnosed in Feb 2019. Had a brain MET and some nodes in the lining of my right lung. It happened very fast. One day I'm shoveling snow and feeling good, next day I'm wondering what the heck happened and my life changed. I experienced shortness of breath, so they did scans and a thoracentesis (draining fluid from my chest), a biopsy, then they gave me the news. SCLC. They immediately put me on chemo with carboplatin, etoposide and tecentriq, which was recently approved for first line treatment. They found that I was allergic to etoposide, so they substituted paxlitaxel, and I still have weekly infusions of it to this day. One of my doctors suggested whole brain radiation in May, but we refused. Then the brain MET disappeared, which I think was due to tecentriq, but no one knows for sure. Only God knows. It's gone. For now. Paxlitaxel side effects are not pleasant, but I can still play some golf. I'm now a frequent flier at the cancer center and still not an expert on this disease. There are so many things going on now in research that I could never keep fully up to date. I rely on my medical team to be the experts, to be up to date on SCLC and to do their thing exceptionally well. I ask tons of questions and still make the final medical decisions. But I think the most important aspect of this disease is attitude! Positive or negative, that's the only thing I can control. I see some patients who are so depressed they make me feel depressed. That's not a good way to go through this thing. I've experienced this depression and can say that it's really ugly. I've even heard that negative attitude can affect not just the patient but also the disease. So I'm in charge of my attitude and rely on the help of family and friends to keep me positive. Avoid negative crap always. So that's the extent of my SCLC experience. I suggest that patients and supporters stay focused on positive attitude. Do whatever is necessary to keep your wife's attitude positive. That's a very, very tough task, maybe even tougher than the treatment of this disease.
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