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  1. Cheryncp123

    ALK Positive

    I have never participated in a trial of any kind however crizotinib was my first line of treatment after being diagnosed with Alk positive adenocarcinoma and it worked beautifully with few side effects for 29 months at which time my scans showed some progression and I was switched to alectinib which has worked just as well with even fewer side effects. We are blessed that there are so many options for us these days.
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  2. eric byrne


    Welcome to LCSC katsbiz,congratulations on 7 years survivorship,this October I will celebrate 10 years of surviving lung cancer,looking forward to at least another 10 years after that.Best Wishes.
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  3. JoshK

    Crazy question

    I actually just arranged a second opinion after chemo round 4 at MSK. They were also surprised by her medical records as well. Like I said, I'm not counting on this, but at least for now she has a very abnormally-behaving (in a good way) SCLC. Tom: Yes, SCLC was the pathologists' report. The only oddity I mentioned there though was that when they looked at it under a microscope in the beginning, they said they were reasonably certain in was NSCLC." That's what was so devastating...the diagnosis changed much for the worse. Yeah, I just don't anything about pathology..."most consistent" and "non-specific" just sound wiggly, weasly, whatever. However, that may be totally standard pathology report lingo...I just have no idea. Anyway, for now I just need to count my blessings because I never could have imagined this sort of experience 3 months in. It could all go south very fast with SCLC, but we just need to take it day-by-day, right?
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  4. Thanks, all, very much appreciate input and advice as always. The nausea is mostly controlled today... mostly..... already treatment weary and I've only just begun. You all amaze & inspire me, Ann
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  5. Hi Susan and thank you for the welcome and the link. My chemo nurse actually gave me good info sheets that explain each drug and their side effects. They BOTH can cause mouth sores or thrush plus the steroids can too I think! I'm going to ask tuesday for fluconazole and I'm going to have that "magic yet nasty" mouthrinse on hand and just hope I can catch it fast if it decides to return! I'm trying to be proactive anyway. Hi Tom! Appetite and weight loss was one of my biggest worries with chemo! Other than the thrush I did pretty well for the first round I think. Was nauseous at times but the meds seemed to keep it in control. I got fluids on my 1 week check-up and that really seemed to boost me. My appetite came back and even got a little better it seems. Weird. But I started craving cannolis for some reason! Is that not the silliest thing? Whoever heard of chemo causing cannoli cravings? I lost 3 lbs from the thrush/chemo the first week. Got them back now these last 2 weeks thank goodness plus maybe even an extra pound...we will see Tuesday... but that's why I really want to keep that thrush away! I'm trying! Thank you all for the replies and the welcome! It's good to talk to others who've been through it!
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  6. Cheryncp123

    And Major Means What?

    Tom, I hope you don't mind I shared your post on the ALK positive Facebook group page. It is an eye opener for all of us dealing with lung cancer through NO FAULT of our own. Thank you for sharing.
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  7. Mark C

    Squamous Cell

    Eric, I am glad to see that everything turned out so well for you! And thanks Bridget. Mark
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