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  1. Mally


    Well I got my results of my scan today and all is good with no new spots anywhere so NED is feeling pretty good right now and I hope you are all doing well too ...my only problem is this inflammatory pain which is not comfortable but a common side effect and if I use my cold pack on my shoulder and neck it soon settles so forward march and I'm planning a holiday for my birthday in march and my 4 kids and partners and lots of my grandkids are coming for a trip down memory lane to the little town I lived my first 10 yrs of life in and i cant wait to watch my grandkids swim in the same swimming pool that i swam in all those years ago and to visit the school that i started in ....sorry about the ramble but makes me feel good ...
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  2. DFK


    Good Wednesday to all, Just bagged #25.....and dovetailed a root canal right after Durvalumab infusion. Labs normal and feeling pretty darn good overall despite assault on my tooth. Nasty stuff that root canal......haven't needed any dental work other than cleanings for the past 14 years so it was quite an eye opener to have sat for 90 minutes of work. But it's a done deal and I can move forward to a crown. Last infusion in two weeks and it can't be soon enough. I'm really, really hoping, I mean REALLY, REALLY hoping for some normalcy in my physicality, in my routine. I have been flying out of town for almost 17 months of treatments and will not miss my 4:30am wake up alarm and that leaving in the dark, returning home in the dark drudgery, NOT another day at the airport routine. Funny thing though, I feel overwhelming blessed to have the opportunity of "modern day" medicine and knowing that my predecessors did not have as many choices that I have been afforded.....humbling on so many levels. I already have my PET Scan scheduled for 4 weeks after my last infusion. And if all goes according to MY plan, my port will be removed and I will be in "surveillance" mode. As I pontificate and bemoan my "C" status to the only person (outside of my spouse and kids) that knows about my diagnosis, he shuts me up pretty darn quick, by telling me that I've come out on top of almost every scan and test and procedure that they have thrown at me. How true, how true. I suppose it takes an objective viewer to summarize my journey. For if you were to ask me, my journey has been brutal and taxing and depleted every core ounce of strength in my being.....I know, I know, what a drama queen! And with that note, I better quit before I dig an even bigger pity hole. Enjoy your day and greet it head on with gratitude. Take Care, DFK
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  3. It’s been 308 days since I had an upper right lobe lobectomy. I’m spending this New Years Eve with my wife and three sons (7, 9 and 11) at an indoor water park. Walking the stairs probably isn’t like it would have been last year but I’m able to do it and here to enjoy it. I’ll add making it easier to climb stairs to the list of resolutions (I’ve got a few). Another year in the books. I hope 2020 is a little healthier, a littler easier and a lot happier for everyone here. ❤️🌟💫💪🏼🥊💥🥂
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  4. Thanks for the feedback. We took it easy over the holidays and he has some residual coughing and wheezing (most likely still from the RSV) but is feeling much better. He had his 3 month scan a bit early since he's had some discomfort from pleural effusion. They'll be doing a follow up guided ultrasound and drain it if necessary. But the good news is that everything else looks fine. There is a 7mm nodule on the middle lobe of the right side, but that is stable and has been there since day one. He has another scan scheduled for April and we'll probably revisit the chemo issue at some point and consider carboplatin vs. cisplatin.
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