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  1. Hi, I'm so sorry I've been away sort of, I live in the town that had the murder by that UConn kid and it is heartbreaking. My Petscan was really good. My treatment is working how it is supposed to, it killed the 4 lymph nodes and 5% on my spine and the last two treatments including this past Tuesday's treatment is now working on the lung tumor. They said my tumor is still stable and also the activeness went from a 14 down to a 12. They did a tumor marker blood test and our lab range is 0-5 and I was a 9.2 which I'm guessing is pretty good. This week they upped my steroids because my s/e's are
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  2. Thank you for the update. My story is the same and going for my 4th scan after 10 months at the end of June. This one is really starting to freak me out because all my other scans were every 4 months. Hang in there and hopefully no growth for either of us. ❤️
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  3. bwarfel

    Another Aniversary

    Thinking of my wife today. It was on this evening in 2006 that she became an angel. Fourteen years have passed, but I still miss her very much.
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