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    CT scan results

    Well, I saw my Onc today and got the results of yesterdays CT scan. She had told me last week that she was not very optimistic that the Keytruda was working for me. She based that on the one lymph node that she can palpate which didn't feel as though it had shrank any, but had maybe even grown some. She added that we would probably be switching to chemo therapy a day or so after the scan. I had my first taste of "scanziety" and I sure didn't like it. So, I get my blood drawn for my tri-weekly labs and vitals taken. And she walks in the room and, we are both wearing masks so I can't see her expression. Her eyes seemed to shine though and I was hopeful. She sits down in front of me and says, "I have some good news", and tells me that the scan showed moderate but definite tumor regression in the primary lung nodule and in the two lymph nodes. So, we will continue with the Keytruda regimen. whew.....thank you God. Please project this blesswing to my cancer brothers and sisters as well. amen
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    CT Scan Results

    I've only posted here once before, but have spent hours reading posts and learning about lung cancer treatments. I was diagnosed with 2B adenocarcinoma and had RLL robotic lobectomy in February. The tumor was 5.5 cm. The surgery appeared to be successful and the lymph nodes and margins were clear. The nodule was initially found in a routine x-ray in 2010. It was negative on a PET scan and I had CT scans for the next 6 years. It was eventually determined that it was probably scar tissue because the nodule hadn't changed at all in 6 years. The pulmonary specialist told me that I didn't require any additional scans and that the nodule was "stable." In 2019 my new PC ordered a follow up scan and in that four year period the tumor had doubled in size and lit up on the PET scan. After surgery, I was advised to have 4 founds of cisplatin/Alimta as adjuvant chemotherapy. I just finished the last round last week. I don't know if I was a just kind of a drama queen, but I really struggled with the chemo and was so thrilled to finally be finished last Friday. Then I had my first CT scan yesterday and my results were posted to my online medical chart this morning. I was completely blindsided and scared to death. The results state that I have "scattered minute nodular densities within the right lung the etiology of which is indeterminate and possibility of metastases should be considered." It also stated that there were "no appreciable nodules on my CT scan from 6 months ago" back when the whole thing started. I haven't heard back from my surgeon or oncologist yet. I am freaking out trying to figure out what this means...has anyone else had this type of CT scan result so soon after surgery and finishing chemo? Is there any chance that this isn't a recurrence? I was completely aware of the possibility of recurrence, but guess I just didn't expect it to happen so soon. Thanks in advance!
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