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  1. Update: I went to my chiropractor because of my lower back pain returning. He used the ultrasound on my "neck". My voice is coming back! So anyone else reading this and having his issue, if you can find someone to try ultrasound, it's worth it. My kids will be so sad my voice is coming back. LOL.
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  2. Glad to hear about the improvement. Lou
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  3. COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine today signed legislation that aims to raise awareness of the link between radon exposure and cancer risk by designating January as Radiation Awareness Month in Ohio. https://cancer.osu.edu/news/new-law-draws-awareness-to-link-between-radon-and-lung-cancer
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  4. KM_NRP, I had a epiglottis problem after a long intubation. That structure is close to the vocal cords and I too found "treatment" was not a physician's deal but a speech pathologist! In my case, I was aspirating fluids into my one lung and developed aspirational pneumonia. I had to perform a lot of "guttural" speech exercises over the course of about 3 weeks to finally get it to seal properly. Very sorry you are having this complication and I do hope it leaves pronto. Stay the course. Tom
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  5. Loss of my voice is what led to my eventual LC diagnosis (2 mis-diagnoses first). My left vocal cord was permanently paralyzed by the tumor in my left lung. I had to get a bulk Teflon injection into the paralyzed vocal cord before starting chemo and radiation. I have some sort of voice now and may have to repeat the procedure if my voice goes away again. My ENT says the injection lasts about 12-18 months, and I'm at about 18 months now.
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