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    Hi Tipay. It’s my Mom that’s doing immunotherapy. She was diagnosed with stage 4 combo of Small Cell & Non small cell Lung cancer on 3/28/19. She started Carboplatin & Tecentriq in April & then they added Etoposide. She’s had very good results, Pet scan in July showed significant shrinking of her lung tumor and other spots from her original pet scan were gone. She has never had any pain so I can’t speak to it helping that. She was off Tecentriq for about a month but started it again 2 weeks ago. She’ll have one more treatment then have another pet scan toward the end of October. She fights fatigue but is learning to to reserve what energy she does have for things she really wants to do. But I should mention she is 90 years old so it’s not a big surprise that it’s slowed her down a little.
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    CT Scan assistance

    Hi NinjaJack While we can't give medical advice, we can definitely weigh in on this. If I had results like that- I would seek out a pulmonologist- someone who could explain in detail to me exactly what these findings mean. What does your doctor say?
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    Hi Kate, Welcome to the forum and sorry that you need to be here. This is a great group of folks; a family if you will and you'll fine much experience, stories of survival and a soft place to land here. Lou
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