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    Alright! So now you’ve made a decision, go forward with confidence and do not second guess yourself. Lock and load...
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    Hey JC63 - how did it go with the clinic? FYI, I'm going to do 2 more adjuvant rounds of Carbo+Alimpta. Starting next week. Of note, the treatment time is also much shorter for Carbo+Alimta - about 2 hours. When I did Cisplatin+Alimta it was almost the whole day (about 8 hours) - I was there from 8am to 4pm. My perception is that Cisplatin was a lot more toxic as the extra time was spent giving me IV bags of saline to dilute my system. They also monitored my urine and encouraged me to drink a lot while I was there. The bathroom had a plastic "pitcher" of sorts with measurements which I urinated into to keep track of how much fluid I was passing. That tells me how toxic Cisplatin must be. With Carbo, there were no bags of saline to take, no urination monitoring, and I was done in 2 hours. Of course I drank plenty of water after I left for the rest of the day, which is advisable for most chemo treatments.
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    Hi Michelle - I provided an update on my chemo decision in another thread on the forum. To avoid duplication, I'll paste in the link below. Basically after a lot of back-and-forth and mixed opinions from various oncologists and their support staff, I'm going to do 2 adjuvant doses of Carbo+Alimta. See below for details: https://forums.lungevity.org/topic/46448-advice-needed-chemo-or-observation/?tab=comments
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