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  1. Kooper59

    Hurry up and wait

    Hi folks, I apologize for the delay getting back to you. The good news is that the nodule turned out to be benign. Dr. Robinson from Moffitt Cancer Center told me that there was a very high likelihood that if a biopsy were to be performed my lung would collapse. He went on to explain that due to the severity of my condition it would be a life threatening event if this were to happen. He recommended that the nodule be monitored with further CT studies. In December of 2019 another CT study was performed which revealed no further growth of the nodule. Another PET/CT study was perfor
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  2. Hi Matt, As you've already heard; surgery is a great part of the lung cancer arsenal. Since she is going to be going through two surgeries you may want to read up on some tips and tricks you can use to help her before, during the hospital stay and at home recovering. You can find those here. In the meantime please keep us updated and ask any questions that you want. As you can see there are plenty of folks here with broad experience. Lou
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  3. Thank you, all wonderful survivors! Next week we have a lot of test: biopsy, brain scan, bone scan. I will update you when its all completed. I hope he has many months to live as he is already talking about medically assisted death and its breaks my heart and scares me to the core.
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  4. LouT

    Pancoast cancer

    Heather, Welcome to our club and sorry you need to be here. As you've already heard there are more treatments added for Lung Cancer in the past 5 years than in the previous 20 so your husband can have a good chance of overcoming this disease. Surely you'll be hearing from others soon with even longer periods of NED (No Evidence of Disease) since their diagnosis, but in May of this year I will be two years out from my LC (lung cancer) diagnosis and surgery. So, stay strong and let us help you by sharing our experiences. Lou
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  5. Well, that's an option that's nice to have, but hopefully one he won't need to consider for a very long time to come. Do keep us posted and best of luck to both of you!
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