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    Tom Galli

    Covid-19 times

    I’ve been home since March 2nd. Clinic cancelled my semiannual scan and oncologist consult. Re-schedule is for October. Have been bothered by recurrence of severe neck pain from C-5/C-6 vertebrae. It is radiating pain and numbness down my right arm and hand. Had a MRI on March 2nd and an orthopedic consult by video. Was surprised how effective that was. Now on steroids and Flexeril. ‘Roid rage is bothering sleep and amping up appetite, but Flexeril is causing constipation. Didn’t make much of the bad parachute landing in ‘72, but young soldier injuries are starting to show. Surgery is the fix but we’ll need to wait out the pandemic. I can’t sit at my computer (painful) so am limited to my iPhone typing responses. But my complaints are insignificant compared to Lin, Ro and Michele and others dealing with active disease. The pandemic’s attack on the lungs is frightening. I hope everyone stays well buttened up. Stay the course. Tom
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    Lin wilki

    Covid-19 times

    I am still getting my scan planned for Friday. Phone visit from onc for results. Since I have one tumor we know is growing— hopefully not more! There may be a discussion about changing treatment plan. I will still have treatment at the hospital based on scan. They are taking lots of precautions to keep us safe I’m in Illinois and we are still are going up in cases. It seems this isolation will never end and even when it does it will be scary to venture into the world. Keep praying 🙏 that’s all we can do. Here’s hoping to HEALTH Lin
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    Covid-19 times

    Hi Michelle, Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law and your hubby!! I hope your hubby will stay healthy. He should wear a mask and gloves regardless. There is no clinical trial at this point in Boston. So, I'm waiting to see if there will be one in NY in a few months. But because of the virus, the trials seemed to have slowed down and NYC is not a great place to be. I won't have another scan until mid-May, but we know that the cancer continues to grow. There just isn't a treatment at this time. So, like I said, I'm in "wait mode." I'm still working although since I work in a public school it's all online. But, at least I'm able to stay in the house except for a daily walk. I'm remaining hopeful that there will be a clinical trial for me in the spring but who knows what will happen now. If you have a scan scheduled at the end of April, they may postpone it. If they don't, then just be extremely careful. I think we are all on pins and needles waiting for this pandemic to slow down so that we can have necessary treatments. As with all Stage IV out there, it's a tough time, but I'm doing my best!! Thank you for your kind note and for responding to me. It really helps! Keep me up to date on what's happening with you, your husband, and the rest of your family. Best, Ro
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