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    Good morning! I wanted to share my CT results with you guys. This was my first scan since starting treatment in April (I'm getting treatment monthly, so this was #4 for me, which I guess would be #8 if I was going biweekly) and my tumor is down to 1.3 cm. I started at 5 cm back in December 2019 when they found it, chemo and radiation took it down to 3.8 cm, and now I'm down even more. I'm so happy with these results! I had hypothyroidism before starting any of this journey and my levels were jumping all over the place, but seem to be leveling out now which is good. No other side effects to really report aside from a sour stomach in the mornings which my onc is not too concerned with. Treatment #5 is on Thursday, then more waiting!
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    Broken ribs?

    I hate these little surprises on the CT reports.
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