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    Accidentally discovered 17 x 10 nodule

    I finally spoke directly with my general doc. He is having me get another CT scan now as well as setting up an appointment with a pulmonologist. I also learned that the nodule is spiculated. The negative PET is good, but the fact that it is spiky is a bit scary. At least it is in a good location to remove if needed. It's at the very top of the left lung. Not embedded somewhere.
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    Kate7617 - If you haven't had a biomarker test done, insist on it. I spent 10 months on Durvalumab (18 infusions) only to find out afterwards that I was PDL-1 Negative and EML-4 ALK+, so according to studies and all reports I've read, Durvalumab had little or no hope of working. I have since moved on to a Targeted Therapy, which by the way is no picnic either and in many ways, I am having more side effects with it than I did with Durvalumab. The only nice thing about that 10 month experience is that I became acquainted with some very nice and knowledgeable people here.
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    Hi Kate, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with the Durvalumab. Have you looked for a second opinion about whether you have any other options? If not, you might consider it.
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    Kate7617 I am sorry you have had such a tenuous journey with Durvalumab, and now having to contend with basal cell skin cancer. I am still learning about options and resources but we have some very smart heavy hitters that may be able to chime in and give you some direction. Rower Michelle has drilled in me the importance of biomarkers, have you had that done? She also is a proponent for utilizing resources like the Go2 Foundation for assistance when you have questions. Tom Galli has been around the block and back and is a wealth of information and support. I can offer you my prayers that you find the support and answers you need. Take care, DFK
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    D iane

    Small Cell Diagnosis

    Well he did pretty good with 1st cycle of chemo. He got sick the 2nd day. 2x's. He did better yesterday, now he's done for 2 weeks. This morning he is complaining of heartburn. He is burping a lot. We see the Dr. later today. The PET results are back and of course there's more metastases showing up. Lung uptake value was 11.3. Almost every single lymph node in his chest and abdomen (SUV 8.1) Adrenal glands 8.3, kidney 8.1. There is skeletal involvement. C-1, L5, left side 4th rib, and a shoulder bone I don't know how to spell. Shall I go on? Good God. Little discouraged yet still hopeful we can knock it back some for awhile. Anyone else with this much disease and made it through treatment with responsive results? I hope the Dr. breaks it to him gently. We are looking forward to some time off after today!!!
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