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    Epic Wedding

    When my (90 year old) Mom was diagnosed we stage IV lung cancer in April, my daughter & fiancé decided to get married on 10/19/19 in hopes my Mom would be there. My mom decided then that she would give chemo a try so she would be at the wedding and at the wedding she was! She was amazing throughout all the weekend festivities staying until the very end of each event. I and her grandson walked her proudly down the isle to our seats in front, tears flowing. But the absolute topping on the cake was the last song at the wedding reception was “I had the time of my of life”, she got up and was dancing and all the guests circled around she and her dancing partner and cheered. It was the perfect ending to what was a perfect day.
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    RonH A belated heartfelt thank you for Isabelle49 sharing on Durvalumab forum......Elizabeth and I did some PM as we both live in the same area, are familiar with the medical community and most importantly, discussed her grand daughters upcoming wedding on November 9th. Take Care, DFK
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    Hosted by our very own @Tom Galli! Hear from lung cancer experts and learn about support programs and resources offered by LUNGevity Foundation and Cancer Support Community. Lunch will be provided. Speakers will include Dr. Thuy Le, medical oncologist; Dr. Brandon Hill, thoracic surgeon; and Dr. Wilhelm Lubbe, radiation oncologist. More information and registration here: https://lungevity.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=894
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    Tom Galli

    I'm Hosting My First Lunch & Learn

    Survivors and Care Givers, For Texans and anyone proximate to the Dallas--Fort Worth area, I'm hosting my first Lunch and Learn on Saturday, November 9th in Plano Texas. Here are the registration details. I'd love to meet all of you in person so if your schedule allows, come on down to Plano all you all! Stay the course. Tom
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    So glad to hear he is at home and doing well!
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    Katum - I am happy to hear that you and your mom are making the most of your time together - even if it's in the hospital. Take care, Steff
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