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    Survivors and Care Givers, For Texans and anyone proximate to the Dallas--Fort Worth area, I'm hosting my first Lunch and Learn on Saturday, November 9th in Plano Texas. Here are the registration details. I'd love to meet all of you in person so if your schedule allows, come on down to Plano all you all! Stay the course. Tom
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    Registration is now open for LUNGevity's 2020 International Lung Cancer Survivorship Conference! At this transformative weekend conference designed by and for people with lung cancer, you will: -Learn how to live well with lung cancer -Connect with other survivors and caregivers -Hear world-renowned researchers discuss the latest treatments -Learn how to manage your lung cancer experience Join us April 24-26 in Rockville, MD -> http://bit.ly/ilcsc2020
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    Epic Wedding

    When my (90 year old) Mom was diagnosed we stage IV lung cancer in April, my daughter & fiancé decided to get married on 10/19/19 in hopes my Mom would be there. My mom decided then that she would give chemo a try so she would be at the wedding and at the wedding she was! She was amazing throughout all the weekend festivities staying until the very end of each event. I and her grandson walked her proudly down the isle to our seats in front, tears flowing. But the absolute topping on the cake was the last song at the wedding reception was “I had the time of my of life”, she got up and was dancing and all the guests circled around she and her dancing partner and cheered. It was the perfect ending to what was a perfect day.
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    Marie I’m happy to hear about your husband’s progress. It sounds like you are doing the right things so keep up the good work and you’ll find him recovering very nicely. Lou
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    Another newbie ... Still a bit in shock

    He’s been very active in the mornings the last couple of days, even doing some gardening and house cleaning, and then takes it easy in the afternoons and evenings. He tried just taking Aleve last night but didn’t sleep as well so he may need the Percocet for a couple more nights. Other than a bit of dull pain, numbness, and a bit of a cough, he is doing great! We will see the surgeon next on Monday and then follow up with the oncologist regarding next steps. His appetite seems to be coming back slowly but I bought him Boost (like Ensure, but better tasting I’m told) to drink if he’s not hungry.
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    So glad all went well, MarieE. My husband had a pneumonectomy and I was amazed he was up and walking shortly after his surgery. Home is definitely the best place. Sending so much love and well wishes to you and your husband. we are all here for you! XX
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    Tom Galli

    Medical marijuana

    Lin, I had a very good friend and high school alumni who was diagnosed with very treatable lung cancer. He got hooked by a “snake oil” salesman and very expensive but worthless “treatment”. Sadly, he passed, quickly. By the time he embraced science-based medicine, it was too late. I don’t know if marijuana is a lung cancer remedy. There have been no trials, no scientific research, and consequently no data. The import of science-based treatment is that results are repeatable. Immunotherapy is new. I wouldn’t do anything that might affect its treatment impact. It has dramatically moved the survival needle. Don’t introduce something that may compromise your best chance at survival. Stay the course. Tom
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    Silly-thanks. That’s exactly where all my pain is except my lung hurts when I breathe and when I sneeze it hurts like is going to explode. I said today it’s the same spot on my back where the radiation scar was. Haven’t had any since February so Cant say it’s related. I’m happy for the break and the doc isn’t too worried about any negative impact on the treatment. I just want a week without pain when I need to use my arm
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    I'm Hosting My First Lunch & Learn

    I would love to attend, my brother and family lived in Plano (Waterton Drive) for many years and now are in Dallas! I live in Pa. but would love to hear all about your plight and any information you could provide! Hope it goes great!
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    I think I'll be going. I went the last 3 years and it was great!
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    Another newbie ... Still a bit in shock

    Progress sounds great!
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    Marie, I forgot to tell you. Keep him far away from school aged children. A chest cold at this stage is a nightmare! Stay the course. Tom
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    Well I got my break from Durvalumab. Have to see the pulmonologist Thursday to get his input on this pleuritis issue. A little prednisone then back to it on the 14th. The muscle relaxers are to stop the spasms that I’ve had with this. It’s all from the Durvalumab. I’m now getting a little joint pain too.
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    New to all of this

    Managing the stress is hard for all so do not feel alone; all members on this sight DO understand what you are going through and it is tough. For dealing with my stage 4 NSCLC with brain mets diagnosed April 2019 for which I have been on the every 3-week Keytruda plan and tolerating it well, I go with the old cliche "one day at a time." I also try hard to focus on chores that I need to accomplish daily, which helps keep my mind off the cancer aspect of my life so it does not consume me. We are all here for you and you will get through this! Take care of yourself. All the best. Susan Rae
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    Another newbie ... Still a bit in shock

    Marie, Very happy to hear that your hubby is doing well 😁! Take care now, Susan Rae
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    Clinical trials

    Just wondering if there is anyone on this site who is taking part in the Amgen clinical trial for KRAS mutation G12C the drug is AMG 510
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