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    Pleural Effusion

    After first diagnosis of pneumonia after loss of breathing I was admitted to ER and stabilized with oxygen and breathing meds. Then pleural effusion lung was drained successfully of 2 liters of fluid and discharged after 10 days of pneumonia treatment. Now on oxygen 24/7. Readmited when lung refilled and SCLC discovered by biopsy after lung drained again. SCLC chemo then administered by oncologist, and chest catheter placed through back into right lung as liquid continued to drain. I refused procedure to paint lung advised by pulmonologist after palliative care Dr advised I could refuse, but as predicted by oncologist chemo stopped fluid drainage 2 days later and catheter was then removed and I was released after 3 weeks. I have since had 2 more chemo treatments and lungs have remained clear of fluids.
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    Your observations are spot on, the early days of this experience is so surreal it’s hard for anyone who is outside of our inner circle to really comprehend. I heard from someone recently that being diagnosed with lung cancer is like being stranded in a foreign county. Not knowing the language and no immediate road map to find your way home. If you’d like to make your insomnia increasingly more productive, you might want to check out the GO2FOUNDATION Lung Cancer Living Room on YouTube. It’s also a wealth of informative from some of the top oncologists. They are two hours with the introduction of group members during the first 40 minutes. The 2019 sessions were very interested. Sleep will happen.....Carry On
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