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    Lisa Haines

    Newly diagnosed

    Gary, Feel free to ask any questions, we are all happy to share our experiences with you. Much of what we have learned is because of what we've been through or because of others who shared their experiences with us. I am very thankful to people I've met in Support Groups and would have been lost without them. LUNGevety is an amazing group and I'm very thankful to be one of many members. I'm also now very happy to be a Lung Cancer Advocate and love being able to help others. PS: My hip surgery was "hip replacement" surgery and I'm now in the need of having my other hip done, but it's been put on hold because of Covid. Hoping this time it all goes very well and I do not develop any problems. In hindsight we now know that I never did really have "post op pneumonia", it was actually lung cancer that was missed on those chest xrays. Just seems so surreal to think that everything up until the surgery was all fine, then just a month later I find out that I have Stage IV NSCLC that had already spread to my brain and caused the PE! Clearly, this is a sneaky cancer and far too many of us do not find it until it's advanced. Thankfully, we've come a long way in the past few years and now have more treatment options than ever before.
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    Rower Michelle

    I know I have cancer

    I totally understand where you’re at right now. I think most of us here do as well. Feeling consumed is completely normal. I know it’s hard and right now, the intensity of the emotion isn’t something you can will to stop. There’s a gradual process with ups and downs. Eventually the ups outnumber the downs. In the beginning this is an hour by hour process. It took me six months and three CT scans before there was a sense of normalcy. Try not to bottle up, if you want to cry, sob, if you want to yell, scream, angry-hit a pillow. Keep talking to us, we will be here to help along the way. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Michelle
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    Terrified newbie

    Hi All, The diagnosis is stage IV non-small cell adenocarinoma. I’m waiting for the bio marker results, and I get the pet scan and mri later this week. The dr thinks I’ll be a good candidate for targeted therapy so crossing my fingers and toes for clean scans (other than what I already know), clean mri, and “good” mutation. Feeling all kinds of things! Working hard to remain positive and keep a healthy attitude. ❤️
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    Newly diagnosed

    Lisa:Thank you so much for your response. Since I shared my story I waited desperately for a post like yours. You answered so many questions even after I spend days reading on this site and elsewhere. I am still waiting for the results of the final tests hoping for a mutation with an existing drug but seeing your results gives me hope and most importantly the will to fight. I will read your post each time doubt enters my mind . Thank you again for taking the time to share your experience. It meant so much. I wish you the very best. Gary.
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    Terrified newbie

    CLM, Thinking of you! Hope you get some encouraging treatment plans from your doc! Best, Ro
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