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    US Armed Forces Veterans, welcome here! I'm a veteran of 21 years on active duty in the US Army, a lung cancer survivor, and a Lung Cancer Support Community (LCSC) Forum Moderator. I'm proud to declare our support community is now open to veterans and those that support veterans in treatment. I'll be your host but our entire LUNGevity community and Foundation is also on board. Together our expertise in all things lung cancer is wide and deep. How does this work? Most start by reading information on various forums, and you are most welcome to read in. If you want to contribute or ask questions, you'll need to register for our community. It is a simple process and details are here. Once registered, you'll be able to post on forums. You can choose any forum for your first post. Most choose Introduce Yourself . You can make your first post in that section or here in the Veterans Forum. We'll find you. I suggest you tell us details about your diagnosis and about your treatment plan. Revealing this information allows us to muster responses from folks who have your type and stage of lung cancer. Unfortunately, lung cancer treatment is complicated and treatment and side effects vary with the type and stage of diagnosed lung cancer. This is also the place for questions about treatment in the VA Healthcare System. We'll help with that difficult process and have tips and tricks to available to assist. Most importantly, this forum's fundamental purpose is to demonstrate that you are not alone in this battle. We are still in the fight! Once again, welcome to LCSC! Stay the course. Tom
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    CT result question

    This was one of the toughest things for us. My husband's PET scan was done the week prior to his doctor going away on vacation for two weeks. Although the results were back before the doctor left, we couldn't get in for an earlier consult and they refused to release the results over the phone. We ended up getting the results directly from the medical center and then playing Dr. Google. Not ideal. So we basically knew the situation we were facing two weeks before being advised by the doctor that it was cancer.
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