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    Hey Tomm, I had my 8th infusion on Monday, my Oncologist said I'm doing good. Most of her patients on Durvalumab have not been able to handle the treatment so, since I'm just getting it as a maintenance drug, we will continue as long as I am doing good. She never says stable, I guess because my tumor George is still there lurking at 9mm. My side effects are pretty stable now tho, thank goodness! Thanksgiving was nice 😃 But other than that life goes on Take care
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    D iane

    Small Cell Diagnosis

    Good morning. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday weekend with friends and family. Husband is doing pretty well. He is eating good and he/we have figured out his abdominal pain is more from constipation than disease. Once we took care of that he is feeling much better. He has gained a couple of pounds back! The heartburn has also resolved. Yesterday he had a port placed which went well. He also had an oncology appt. His labs are better than last week so 2nd cycle is scheduled to begin Monday. Some more good news. No evidence of metastatic disease was found via brain MRI he had on Tuesday!! 👍 Here's hoping all goes well with this round. There's still going to be some trial and error involved, I just hope since we both understand a little more, it will help us stay ahead of any side effects.
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    Tomm and Sillycat, Good going on the uneventful infusions. I'm totally down for boring and a tamping of annoying side effects. I suppose a change in your Blood Pressure whether high or low is something you probably want to monitor and bring to the attention of your health care team should it continue to be out of your norm. I know this is plain ole common sense but I also know that if I don't bring up the simplest changes to my MD, it will not be addressed. They're monitoring for catastrophes and I'm paying attention to subtle nuances. I'm no doctor nor expert on Durvalumab but I don't recall any mention of primary cardiac side effects in my readings. I do know that Kidney function and Hormonal Gland changes can affect your Blood Pressure and Durvalumab certainly does have the potential for both Kidney and Hormonal side effects. So yes, I suppose secondary and tertiary high BP's could be a possible Durvalumab side effect. As they say in the biz, monitor for a consistent trend. Thanksgiving was bountiful, blessed to have most of my immediate family living close by. Take Care, DFK
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    infusion #17 yesterday, still boring with all blood work in normal range, no side effects. My blood pressure has been going up for a few weeks, is this a side effect?..anyone else? hope everyone had a good turkey or?
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    Thank you Kristen. I'm not actually sure if my friend had bio marker testing done, but I'm assuming he did because he also consulted with one of the top Oncologists in Canada. He's the kind of guy that drives the medical community crazy with questions! He's not a passive patient; he challenges them! My friend chose to forgo chemotherapy/radiation because the doctors weren't able to allay his concerns regarding liver failure given his situation. Add the low survival rate they gave him, it just didn't make sense to him. I actually can't say I disagree with his decision. My friend is an aircraft inspector and gave the following analogy: "If you were about to board a plane to go from point A to point B, and were told that there was only a 25 % chance the plane would make it, then add to that, there's also a storm you have to fly through, (his liver,) which further increases the risk of you not making it, would you board that plane? The doctor's response was, "When you put it in those terms, I can understand your decision." Now he relies on alternative treatments, diet, juicing, high dose vitamin C, meditation, positive mindset, exercise. He's researched extensively and feels pretty confident that his odds are better, given all the resources out there to support his decision. As long as he's willing to put in the work. I think he is, and I pray daily for him and his family.
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    Thanks, Curt. I updated the link in the original post. Please let me know if you have any other trouble accessing the survey.
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