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    I was the one diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a year ago. It took me a long time to realize just how much is has affected my husband. It is just as emotional for him, if not more, than it is for me. We both try to remain positive while we are on this journey. A support system is a must and Lungevity is a good one. Hang in there!
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    St Michael

    Promising update

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    Hi. I also have a husband diagnosed with sclc in late Oct. I started a thread here too. I'm literally living moment to moment. We have CT scans on the 30th and the fear is there, but honestly worrying about what they're going to say doesn't do anything for me right now. I'd rather not feel that fear until I hear it and see it in black and white. Meanwhile, we are doing our best to hang onto what normalcy we have left. Hubby just started cycle 4 today. Bless you, this is a very scary cancer. What chemo meds did your husband have? Everything I've read and heard is that 1st line treatment usually works to tame this beast. Looks like we're both about to find out.
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    St Michael

    Promising update

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    I'm sick of fighting it.

    Please don't give up. I have no words of wisdom for you. I just want you to know that someone cares.
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    Rower Michelle

    Carbo/Taxol Therapy Questions

    Hi Boomer, I’m sorry you’re not feeling great. None of us do in the initial treatment phase. This is the point where we learn to become patients in that we have to report everything to the doctor, we are not complaining but informing the medical team about symptoms that can be managed. Constipation and fatigue are quite common, for me Miralax did the trick. As for the fatigue, I tried to walk as much as I could working up to one mile, then two. One of our members @Opal coined the term “motion is lotion” so try to keep moving as best as you can. Hang in there! Michelle
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    Hello and Welcome to our group. I’m sorry you’re going through this with your husband. This is a great place to learn about what to expect from trusted advisors or a “hug”’when it’s needed. Let us know what sub type of cancer your husband has been diagnosed and chances are good someone here has been down the road. In the last three years there have been more advances in lung cancer treatment than in the last three decades. It’s important to know that Dr Google isn’t the first go-to place the science is moving quickly any data more than six months old is already out of date. Glad you found us. Michelle
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    Roseann.. here are a few links on CT pot laws and where you can buy it. Your Naturopathic doc. may be able to help you. It's good for arthritis too. I take some tincture most days... really good for sleep. https://portal.ct.gov/DCP/Medical-Marijuana-Program/Qualification-Requirements https://portal.ct.gov/DCP/Medical-Marijuana-Program/Connecticut-Medical-Marijuana-Dispensary-Facilities
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    Tomm, Thanks for the joke, maybe that's my problem I need a wife not a husband LOL!!!! Just kidding, I read the article very interesting. However, I am starting to get a little dismayed about my vision here. I started to complain about it quite awhile ago, I looked back in my side effect journal that I was keeping it started in October. So that's 3 months, maybe that's not too long? I guess I will find out when I see the doctor on Wednesday. I do have arthritis too. Durva has a neat little way of turning that into Rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm hoping that I just have an infection brewing that can be treated with an antibiotic, I am already on 5 mgs of steroids daily for my side effects. I sure as heck do not want any eye pokes! I wouldn't be against CBD oil, but it's still not legal in my state CT as far as I know. We can get the kind with Hemp but that is useless as far as I am concerned,. I know at one time my Neurologist was going to give me a script for medicinal marijuana for my Epilepsy. I was a hippie back in the day when things were easy to come by LOL! Now, I would have to depend on a doctor, do they even prescribe CBD oil? I'm not up on that. I am scheduled to see a Naturopathic doctor on Thursday too Yay! So with all of that being said, Thanks again for the funnies and the link. Have a great evening Roseann
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    Zimbabwean born, New Zealand resident european male Family Physcician recentlybdiagnosed NSCLC Satge 3B . Just completed radicalnradiotherapy and chemotherapy with Cisplatin and Etoposide. Await start Durvulamab
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    Hi I’m Amy aka schoolie2, I was diagnosed with stage 1B when a radiologist say a mass in my lower right lobe in November. I was having a Ct of my a abdomen to rule out an appendicitis. I had no symptoms so it was kind of a miracle. Fast forward. I had a lobectomy a month ago and my nodes came back clear. The oncologist recommended chemo to insure there is no recurrence. So I start chemo on 1/31. I am getting my mindset and my warrior attitude to face chemo. Looking forward to support and supporting those in the same boat.
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    Hi I'm Gessica

    Gessica, Tom is absolutely correct about the nature of diagnosis as well as this forum. That aside, the important thing now is that your father receive a full set of tests that can provide both a strong diagnosis as well as a solid treatment plan. My coaching to you and your family now is to write down everything you're told, consider the data and ask all the questions you may have about what was found, how it can be treated, alternative treatments and potential outcomes. You need, or someone, needs to be an advocate for your father at this time. It is dizzying to hear that you have cancer and often the questions you want answers to the most don't come to you until you are alone in your bed at 3am. So, take notes, ask questions and don't let anyone give vague answers at any time. We always need to be participants in our treatment and not just passengers. Please update us as you learn more about the diagnosis, any genetic testing done as well as the treatment plan. There are people here with a wide variety of treatments and surely someone will be able to help you.
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