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    Thank you everyone, met with surgeon, he assured me that my surgery is necessary ASAP. He scheduled me for a lobectomy (upper L) on April, 9th. Of course, I wish it could be sooner as they are currently measuring my tumor as 3.9cm, I am very concerned that my tumor will grow to 4 cm (or more) by the time I have surgery...that would move me up to a stage II diagnosis from what I can see? How concerned should I be about upstaging? Guess I don't really have a choice anyway at this point, just hoping there are no unforeseen delays beyond the 9th? Thanks again to each of you for your very kind support, information and resources!
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    SCLC extensive year survivors

    Thank you, I will read it!
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    SCLC extensive year survivors

    Hello Steve from Luxemburg (sorry in advance for the future mistakes I may make, english isn’t my mothertongue). My mother has 58 years old. She was diagnosed with an extensive small cell cancer that has spread to his liver. She was diagnosed on 13th March and she began his first chimio 14th March. The 2nd chimio was this Monday for 3 days. She's been offered to do the original carboplatin/etoposide regimen. Dr says there is no cure and give us few months .... I’m so sad and terrify. I’m searching here hope, testimonies. People with similar diagnosis who are alive for years. Thanks in advance for your future answer. Christelle
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    SCLC extensive year survivors

    Hi Christelle .. welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. People on this site are really great. I'm "newish" to the forum as my wife was diagnosed limited stage SCLC in January (see multiple posts). Can you give us more information about your mother? Metastases locations, what treatment has been planned, has she started treatment, etc. Treatments may differ between countries but some folks here may share their experience. There are survivors out there and hopefully some will chime in on this forum for you. Steve
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    Specialist for second opinion

    Win, I agree with Tom. This woman needs her medical team's attention and a second opinion or at least a review of her present treatment. Please support them doing this as there is still a lot of information needed before someone could even provide input on this case. Normally we'll share our experiences (some had chemo, others surgery and others multiple treatments), but we cannot presume to recommend doctors or treatment facilities. But your relative does seem to need to attention. Please encourage them to get back to their PCP or team.
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