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  1. Just reaching 10 months into my battle with lung cancer. I'm Stage IV NSCLC, however, as of my last scans I'm 97-98% cancer free. I have a question...are steroids absolutely necessary. I was with one cancer hospital and they said I could go off them, but I'm now at a new place and they are saying I should stay on them. Thoughts?
  2. Thank you everyone. Been pretty happy and peppy since my last visit. Of course, chemo makes me tired, but I try to ignore that. LOL Welcome Deb to the forum. I am new also, but am here for you if you need me. Have a wonderful day!
  3. Thank you Susan. I will check out the Just for Fun page. Glad to hear things are going good for you as well. God Bless. Patty
  4. In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer that spread to my brain (10 spots), liver (7 spots) and bone (2 spots). My lungs looked like someone sprayed them with the paint gun. Had chemo for 8 months. 4 rounds of Cisplatin and the last 8 Alimta and Avastin. Last visit to doc indicated one spot in my pleura had grown from 5mm to 9mm. Everything else "looks good". Two docs and a nurse came in the room tho and advised that I needed to either go on a new chemo or they recommended a clinical trial. My husband and I were scared. It didn't sound good at all. It was time for a second opinion. Really didn't know what to do and I was a bit deflated. Went for a second opinion and they immediately ordered a PET scan, as I had never had one. PET scan showed only a trace of disease. 97-98% cancer free in my lungs, no sign of cancer in my liver, no sign of cancer in my bone and one spot in my brain. Thank you God in Heaven. News docs recommend that I stay on the Alimta and Avastin since it is obviously working...very well. They will monitor the one spot and take action if its required. I was originally given one year to live, which I never believed. I have 3 children (17 son, 12 twin daughters) and I plan on being around for a long time. Yay!! Thing that bothered me was the first place never even hinted that I was doing so well. New place gave me hugs and high fives. Really helped my spirit. I even took tae kwon do class twice this week. Pooped today though. LOL Just wanted to share my good news. God bless you all...and keep smiling.
  5. So nice to get some replies. Yay. Nice to meet all of you. Yes I have Adenocarcinoma. It was tested back in February for EGFR and it was not a match. However, there has been success in patients without the match as well. The second opinion doctors will be testing my tissues again. Both my current oncologist and the new one I just consulted with suggested Tarceva. I live in Buffalo New York. Obviously my children and husband are my life. I plan on living to be 100. My goal is to be on the Smucker's Jar. LOL I am pretty tough and am fighting this like a wild woman. However, I do have my moments of uncertainty. I appreciate all your support and will be checking in. Love to all.
  6. Good morning all. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Patty (Peppermint). I am a 42-year-old wife and mother of 3 (17, 12 & 12). I am a non-smoker diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in January 2012. Don't know how or why I got this terrible disease. I don't smoke or drink, worked out 3-4 times a week (tae kwon do) and eat good too, except for those darn chocolate chip cookies. LOL Anyway, I have been on chemo since Feb 22, 2012. Cisplatin first. I received 4 rounds of that and was then put on maintenance Alimta and Avastin. Been on that ever since. I have been kickin' cancer's dupa. My last visit on Sept 19th showed one troublemaker in my right lung. My oncologist has suggested either going on a new chemo, Docetaxel or a trial of either Tarceva or Tarceva w MM-121. Since I am still really good in the fight, the trial didn't sit well with me. I went for a second opinion and they have suggested perhaps just radiating this one spot and then trying the Tarceva. Having my first PET scan today so we will decide what direction soon. Can anyone give me their take on these options. I know it is ultimately my decision, but I need to be around for a long time. Thank you all. With Love, Patty
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