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  1. Hi everyone. Had good news at end of January, CT scan clear - HOORAY. However for last couple of weeks have had a feeling of something pressing on my chest, I thought it might be a chest infection but I don't seem to be bringing anything nasty up. When I breathe in deeply I can feel it's quite inflamed and I have pain and tenderness centrally and across the breastbone. I went to America in January and while there had a CT scan done, as they don't do them her in UK at check ups, just an X ray. It stated that I have a predominant bilateral axial adenopathy on right side with a 15.5mm ganglion, also non specific inflammatory bronchial changes in the basal region of both lungs. Could this be what is causing my problems at the moment. Most of February I felt OK so I'm wondering what has started this off. Also could this ganglion be something more ominous? I'm off to the doctors the day after tomorrow - couldn't get an appointment before that so would appreciate any input from anyone who can help. Many thanks Shirl
  2. Just to say that I had adopted two children from abroad as well. My oldest whose 17 now is from Ecuador and my youngest is 11 and from Thailand, both girls. I certainly wouldn't have been without either of them as they've brought me so much joy over the years. I call them my DOUBLE TROUBLE!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU
  3. Shirl

    Cat scan ?

    I am only having X rays for the first year too. I am concerned about not having a CT scan as I feel they detect problems sooner than x rays and have asked my surgeon why I will not be having any. He said they treat the symptoms when they arise rather than detect them on a CT scan. It's just the way they do it here. I must add though that there are only 3 PET scans in the whole of the country, so possibly lack of money may have something to do with it. This is only my opinion though.
  4. Many thanks to everyone who replied to my question, I appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for replying Beth. I will take your advice and see my doctor, that's if I'm ever lucky enough to get an appointment with him, I'm still waiting for the oncologist to get back to me about my adjuvant therapy. To be honest I think it's a bit late now anyway as it's nearly 5 months since I had the op. Keep well.
  6. Hi everyone! Firstly I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We don't celebrate it here as you know, but I have spent some lovely ones with some of my family who live in New Jersey. Secondly, I wondered if someone could advise me on the following. I had my lobectomy on the 15th August and have gradually been getting stronger, however over the last week or so have been having pain in the middle of my chest which radiates outward to both the left and right-hand sides. It's quite intense, and then just goes, but it is still quite tender when I touch it. Could this be a sign of a recurrence or is it just stress related or muscular etc? Many thanks for your help.
  7. My lung surgery was sealed up with disolvable stitches - you will probably have two drains as well, these will be placed on the rib area under your arm. The first one should come out after about a week then the second one will be removed when the liquid in your drain is under 100. Everyone on my ward had two physiotherapists come back to the bed after the op along with a nurse. These two physios move your legs around and get you to cough (they go through this procedure with you even though you are groggy) this helps to stop embolisms forming in your lungs and gets the mucous from the anaesthetic flowing instead of pooling which lessens the risk of infection. They put you into an adjustable bed and you have to sleep upright - again to stop the secretions from pooling. You have your own physio who visits you several times a day. They give you a large towel which you fold over and put around your wound, then they work with you to cough up the secretions. Don't worry, they will show you what to do. You'll soon be a dab hand at it. The scar isn't too bad, it doesn't go around to your chest area as they go in under the arm and part the ribs to get at the lung - this of course is assuming you are having this procedure done. There are other ways such at just taking a segment away, and different surgeons do these procedures in different ways, but thats what I had done. Hope this info helps. Good Luck - Hope all goes well for you
  8. Jim This battle may be lost but the war is NOT over. You go and regroup and give it everything you've got, I'm sure the chemo will work this time. Sending lots of hugs and good wishes Shirl
  9. SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC NEWS!!!!!!!!! Go and have a wonderful time Shirl
  10. Shirl

    I'm back.

    I'm keeping my fingers, legs, toes and eyes crossed that Iressa works for you!!!!!! Hope you missed all our terrible weather we've been having here in England. You'll be in my prayers. Shirl
  11. Debi If it helps at all I can say that I have and do feel what you are feeling now. That sick pain that grips you in the stomach is absolutely terrible, so do the Ativan or whatever to help you calm down and get some sleep. I also find putting on a funny video and surrounding myself with my children, parrot and dog to watch it with really does help to take some of the awful fear away. Having a really good old howl will help too, I've even put weepies on to help me release all the tension, and my good friend who is a psychotherapist always tells me to write everything down you are feeling in detail - then throw it away. She swears by this and I must say it has helped me on occasion. Here's sending lots and lots and lots of cuddles to you. You CAN and you WILL beat these feelings!!!!!!!!! Shirl
  12. Being in the great outdoors brings us closer to G-D, as we can feel his presence so much more don't you think? So don't forget to do lots of talking with him. He will definitely be listening - have fun and good luck Cuddles and prayers Shirl
  13. Sending prayers to you
  14. I'll be thinking about you. Good luck Lots of cuddles Shirl
  15. Shirl

    Still cancer free

    I would like to say AMEN too. Shirl
  16. Shirl

    PET Results

    I am soooo pleased for you both. Post the Holy Water recipe for us, I am definitely interested in seeing it! Cuddles and good wishes Shirl
  17. Shirl

    First scan result

    Can't stop my feet dancing!!!!!! Well Done and Keep It UP Shirl
  18. I think thats a reason for a celebration!!! Shirl
  19. Thank you all so very much for answering my question It was interesting to see the different follow up procedures everyone has had. After reading them all I think I will go with what all of you said in one way or another - to ask more questions and if not satisfied take it further to push for scans. I am waiting for an appointment with an onc to discuss the possibility of 4 rounds of chemo as an adjuvant therapy so I will discuss it with him God Bless you All Shirl
  20. Hi to everyone on this wonderful and supportive website, I wonder if someone could answer my question please I have noticed that nearly all of you have PET CT or MRI scans when you have your check ups. I had surgery 8 weeks ago and went for my first check up with the surgeon last week. He took an x ray we chatted about how I felt and then he said he would see me in 3 months. Now don't get me wrong, this is wonderful news for me but when he said he will see me in January and I replied "with my first scan" he emphatically said NO SCANS - my treatment will consist of an x ray every 3 months for the first year then still more x rays every six months after that. I don't understand how he can detect if it has spread to other parts of my body if I just have x rays. I'm confused. What do you think? Many thanks Shirl (UK)
  21. Shirl

    Two Whole Years

    I think it is WONDERFUL - I'm really happy for you
  22. Sending prayers across the water from the UK
  23. Sending prayers across the water from the UK
  24. I am 8 weeks post surgery now and I have developed an inspiratory wheeze almost every day. It gets much worse when I lie down, and I find it is difficult to breathe. I had to buy an adjustamatic bed and now sleep in a sitting position every night, expensive but it has really helped me a lot. I saw my surgeon for my first check up last Tues, mentioned the wheeze and he assured me that it was nothing he had done that had caused it. He did admit though that he had broken two of my ribs which so far have not healed! My surgeon advised that I inhale steam on a regular basis, perhaps with the addition of Olbas Oil to help clear my chest. I hope this helps.
  25. My thoughts and prayers are with you Shirl (UK)
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