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  1. hello again my first name is kathy,went to pulmonologist yesterday,waste of time and money"just nonsmall cell,means it isn't small cell."then said really didn't need to see him again,but on way home received message from his receptionist that i had return appt in 3 months!my husband wants second opinion on it all. guess i'll start checking into that
  2. thanks to all for welcoming me. my phys. never have said specific as in adeno or squamous.just that i was not candidate for surgery maintence only tx. i and my husband and family very firm believers in optimistic thoughts,i still become very scared and lonely at times.i have appt. in a.m. with pulmonoloogist will ask for specifics.you would think being a nurse i wouldn't be so confused but it is entirely different. i miss my work,can'really find a volunteer group to get in with that doesn''t require a commitment of time and some days really don't have energy to do more than read ,nap.don't mean to sound so depressing,sorry. i really am blessed and realize this.how do you add hx to this? again thanks.
  3. i am 51 yo female. married for 27 years in july. have 2 grown children,5 grandchildren, 4 i seldom see, the fifth 2 yo and i am very close to him. was a lpn for 31 years. last june had respiratory infection,was treated with 2 courses of antibiotics for pneumonia(showed up on x-ray) ct of chest ordered which revealed bronchial mass. my pcp admitted me that night was diagnosed with st 3 nsc lung ca after bronch 2 days later. was told probably would not survive but few months .have been receiving chemo evey 3 weeks since then,have received 7 radiation tx.ct at this time stable,lymph nodes smaller. became very dehydrated, ill in november,family was called in,but i made it past that. currently able to go without oxygen now,wor king in yard short periods.easily become short of breath but still trying to live my life. still confused even after all this time re:types of lung cancer etc.
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