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  1. amy456


    My shin pain is gone for the most part I finished my chemo on December 6 I ended up getting the h1n1 so I had to stay in the hospital over night it was terrible I got my flu shot friday just to be on the safe side I had an mri of my brain it came back fine I wont get my pet scan till may so please pray for me im always scared its going to come back
  2. I just got over the h1n1 flu a few weeks ago it was horrible to say the least I tested positive for it I had to spend the night in the hospital I was diagnosed with stage 2a adenocarcinoma in July had left upper lunge removed im finished with my chemo on December 6 I got a flu shot friday so keep washing those hands and be careful
  3. amy456


    I know nobody is a doctor here but I have been having shin pain through my chemo and now I feel a little lump below my knee and having shin pain still my last chemo was dec 6 im scared it has spread to my shins or something I told my doctor about it she says its the chemo but now I have to tell her anout the little lump im so scared dies anybody have any knowledge or experience with this
  4. amy456

    im so scared

    Thank you for your replies I really need some positive stories
  5. I have stage 2a adenocarcinoma lung cancer im only 34 it was in my left lung at 2.5cm the took my whole upper lobe and I went through my 4cycles of cysplatnin and gemzar it did make me sick but I finshed it regardless I just read stories of how people die within the first year of getting lung cancer no matter the srage I feel like there is no hope I cry every day I fear its going to my brain or liver evey little head ache are pain I think its come back and of I smoked but nobody deserves it regardless of what a person does ohh and it was found only in one lymph node but it was still local and all my margins were negative for cancer but I read a woman caught it at stage 1 she didnt have to do chemo and it came back in her brain my pet scan showed no spread for now but I havent had an mri or cat scan for my brain my doctor says I dont need one but im like were gonna wait till its there or symptoms I have two kids who still need me I feel like I have nobody to talk too that's been through this heck I know people who smoke three packs a day and they dont have nothing wrong I never smoked like that never it just makes me sick I feel like lung cancer hey u might as well prepare to die I guess
  6. I do have the ringing in my.ears and im bald im so thanful to have found this site to know im not alone thank you for your replys but im always worrying my self that the cancer will come back my oncologist is making me see a therapist because of it my uncle just passed away in july from lung cancer he was a stage 4 and he was so skinny already from it and got more thinner and it went to his brain he did the surgery to remove it but they couldn't do nothing more for him because of his weight and the tumor in his lung got bigger it just scares me I saw what he went through it was bad
  7. I was diagnosed with stage 2a adenocarcinoma had my upper left lobe removed pet scan showed no spread but the surgeon took six lymphnodes and found it in one im on my last round of chemotherapy this Will be my fourth cycle of cisplatin and gemzar im only 34 and yes I smoked so the stigma eats at me daily I have two children also im just at a loss for words the first round of chemotherapy made me real sick but the rest haven't been as bad im getting bigger for some reason im on a steroid as well but I only take it for four days afterwards sorry im so short but im new to this
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