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  1. :(:cry:

    If nobody has been notified; I have some sad news of GrumpyOneLung. He passed away this Sunday (Jan 30) at 1:10pm. It makes me sad, I have lost a dear friend, and I am sure this must be rough on his wife and family. Please pray now. Mike is with the Lord, I am sure; but he leaves a wonderful Wife and some great grown Kids and Grandkids. He is no longer suffering.



  2. :cry::(:x

    Although I am not as yet a Cancer Patient, I have a friend who is not doing so well, and would appreciate prayers from all who know or don't know him. GrumpyOneLung is not doing so well, so please Pray for him and his family. It makes me very sad that something could happen like this, after he was doing ok. The cancer spread to his brain now. That's all I can say, this has had a negative affect on me as well. PLEASE PRAY! GRUMPYONELUNG WAS/IS A GOOD PERSON. HE HAS BEEN A GREAT FRIEND.


  3. So are we, Ann, so are we.
    :) I don't know what I would have done if Grumpy would have given up, I had an Uncle who I was quite fond of; who would not go to the dr and then it was too late, as he passed away. Grumpy, I AM PROUD OF YOU for not being a quitter! Love, The BRAT. :o:):)
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