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  1. Hi there, I'm new here and my mother was diagnosed with extensive stage lung cancer with a brain met. During her time in the hospital she had a registered dietician explain that she needed to gain weight because she was only 43 kilos. Mum has always been a slight build and we always told her she was way too thin but there were a lot of foods she couldn't tolerate and she exercises way too much etc. Anyway she has always been a bit lactose intolerant and can't really handle heavy fats. The dietician in there was saying she needed to eat full fat dairy, lots of cream, cakes, sweets etc which of course mum didn't want to eat because one she's not used to eating junk food and two because of the cramping she gets. I had a chat with the dietician saying I could help mum put on weight more healthily with good fats. But the dietician was having none of it saying mum would not put on weight with an avocado and while it is highly nutritious that we are not looking for nutritious food here, that we are only looking to gain the weight. She gave us shakes to take home which were laden with sweeteners and were luminous pink. I did my own research online and binned the pink shakes, made mum my own healthier shakes and put her on a mainly raw vegan diet with the exception of eggs. She gained 5 kilos in two weeks and was perfect weight for beginning her chemotherapy. So just be wary of the hospital dieticians because the advice they give you is not always the right advice for you. I have actually written a letter of complaint to the hospital about this also as I don't understand why the dietician didn't seem to care that my mother was lactose intolerant! In the hospital they were constantly giving her creamed rice, shakes with full fat milk, ice cream, cake, biscuits, deep fried fish etc. Is this the type of food they give all cancer patients in hospital because we were all really shocked at the lack of nutritious food she was getting!
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