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  1. Randy, I know this is VERY late, but the sentiment is still the same. My mom died from NSCLC 16 days after Deb. My dad died from NSCLC 11 years ago September 2. It really ,really hurts...still. God bless you, friend.
  2. SO very sad to hear this Rest in peace, Rich.
  3. ErinC1973


    Oh, no. This is devastating news. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. This site will not be the same without her.
  4. ErinC1973


    Oh, no. This is devastating news. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. This site will not be the same without her.
  5. I am very sorry to read this
  6. Carleen, I am glad you posted but at the same time, sad to read your post. You had such a perfect marriage with Keith. I wish so much that your life together was not cut short by this stupid disease. It was a life that was really only just beginning. It makes me sick to think of how much we've all been forced to change due to LC.
  7. Oh, no. My heart is hurting to have to read this. This is a tremendous loss for all of us, but I especially am thinking of her kids. She was such an inspiration to all those affected by LC, and she certainly made her mark in history by participating in all of the clinical trials. I am proud to have known her through these boards and through Kasey and Fred's stories and praise. I pray for her family; may God give them strength through this difficult time. I am just so sad
  8. This is just too much... I am so very, very sorry to read this.
  9. I am so shocked and saddened to read this, but then I realized it is so obvious to me why God called Ernie to be with Him! Ernie was a big part of what made this site such a welcome environment. He will be sorely missed. I am honored to have met him last year and I also feel that he, along with every other loved one that we have lost from LCHELP, has won the battle.
  10. ErinC1973

    My Father

    Christine, I am so sorry. I lost both of my parents to NSCLC, also. It's been 2 years since my mom died and I am still walking around in a daze. You are in my thoughts and prayers. It is so very, very hard.
  11. I have costochondritis as a side effect of Fibromyalgia. It is very alarming, to say the least! Mine begins at the 3rd rib, and has been radiating out towards my right shoulder. I guess it's more common to radiate towards the left. Typically the pain is supposed to last a couple of weeks to six months, but mine waxes and wanes; it started last April and was steady until the beginning of the year. Then it went away, and has been back for awhile. Some days I can't even raise my arm over my head. I am on many other pain meds (Ultram, Lyrica, Voltaren, Cymbalta) but I can only say that wh
  12. Ernie, I am praying for great results today!!!
  13. My mom went to CTCA. I absolutely cannot say enough positive things about that place, and neither could my mom. I have lived through both parents being diagnosed with stage IIIB NSCLC, my dad first in 1998. He died in 9/99. My mom said all along that she wished so deeply that we knew about CTCA when he was diagnosed. They treated not only my mom, but my husband, my kids, and my best friend (Who was, for all intents and purposes) my mom's caregiver) like gold. They set up all of our appointments, made hotel arrangements when necessary, and dealt with the insurance companies every step of
  14. ErinC1973


    There are just no words, Julia. He will certainly be missed around here. My prayers are with you.
  15. ErinC1973

    She's here

    Congratulations, Nick! She is just beautiful, and one lucky little baby to have such a caring and sensitive daddy. I know it's hard, but you do realize your mom is surrounding her in love, don't you? Remembering this will get you through the difficult times, I promise. Cherish every single moment.
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