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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Author of Scanziety, an ebook published on Amazon. Treatment history https://sites.google.com/a/redtoenail.org/chronicles-demo/home/tom-galli

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  1. Katie, Well done! You are the glue that binds this forum. Thanks for devoting a substantial portion of your life advocating and supporting lung cancer survivors and care givers. Stay the course. Tom
  2. Banna, Scanning and waiting is indeed a pain. But, as long as the scans are clean, you have opportunity for celebration. Some even do a dance—the no evidence of disease (NED) dance. So, turn into a party and... Stay the course. Tom
  3. Katie, Indeed. Well said. Also true is my wife’s lament: “Thomas, you are NOT a doctor.” Stay the course. Tom
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