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    Author of Scanziety, an ebook published on Amazon. Treatment history https://sites.google.com/a/redtoenail.org/chronicles-demo/home/tom-galli

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  1. Tom Galli

    Spiculated nodule

    Lauras, You had major surgery. You have a large incision and consequently recovery will involve feeling pain. But, the pain goes away. How long? I think it depends on too many factors to give an estimate. But, rather than focus on when, focus on what. You had the most successful treatment for lung cancer there is. You have a very significant chance of NED. You'll likely have post surgical chemo, but that will be a piece of cake. I look forward to celebrating your NED scans as the years roll on. Stay the course. Tom
  2. Tom Galli

    ROS1, anyone?

    Welcome MB, I saw your post addressing a similar subject sometime ago. I don't have any gene mutation that I know of. My biopsy was in 2003 and in that time, gene mutations were not known about. Therefore, I was hesitant to respond to your post. Anyone on the forum diagnosed with adenocarcinoma ROS1 gene rearrangement please give a response to MB. Stay the course. Tom
  3. Tom Galli

    Hello All/Possibly Lung Cancer

    David, When I catch the crud, I use Mucinex to turn non productive coughing into productive coughing. I also turn the shower on its highest temperature, aim the stream to a wall and sit in the shower soaking up stream. Depending on crud intensity, I do this 3 times a day and it works, along with Mucinex. Weight gain is a very good sign. Wouldn't suspect one would gain 5 pounds with metastatic cancer. What was the PET SUV hot spot number? Normally SUVs of 2 or less are not viewed as metastatic. Above 2 is suspicious, but my most recent PET, performed in August showed an SUV of 3.5 in the location of my thoracotomy incision scars. I had three surgeries that used this incision site and I experience chronic pain as a result. The radiologist suggests this area is "strongly favored to be inflammation." Where was your PET return located? If along your trachea or in or near your bronchus areas, it might be inflammation due to your intense coughing. Was your PET scan a combination PET/CT. Most are these days. If so, what did the CT portion of the test report show for the size of your right hilar mass compared to the 4.5cm reported in May. The hilar mass from its location could be the root cause of your coughing but it may not be cancer. A mass in that area would irritate your bronchus. Interested in learning what VA chest board reports. Stay the course. Tom