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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Author of Scanziety, an ebook published on Amazon. Scanziety: A Retrospection of a Lung Cancer Survivor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JMTX0LU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_g3pbDbH0T8E64

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  1. Steve, I looked up these words on Lungevity.org’s glossary and all were undefined except for NED. It was cited as an abbreviation for No Evidence of Disease. So I put out the question to several oncologists that I know and if they answer, I’ll post their definitions. Stay the course. Tom
  2. Steve, Thank you for your very complete explanations of SCLC treatment and side effects made on this forum. Your devotion to your wife is obvious as is your concern for those who suffer a future SCLC diagnosis. Thankfully, few of us suffer from this devastating form of lung cancer. Indeed our presence on the SCLC thread was barely there before you and a stalwart few others joined us recently. I do hope your wife's treatments arrest her lung cancer and her side effects wane. Stay the course. Tom
  3. Susan, Point of clarification: Lexie is not the deputy; she is CINC (Commander in Chief) comic relief! Stay the course. Tom
  4. ChiMama, Great news on your IA stage but as Lexie says, keep the post surgical scan schedule! Our disease has a devious characteristic of recurring, sometimes years after first encounter. So glad to hear you are recovering. Stay in contact. We worry when folks drop off the radar screen and... Stay the course. Tom
  5. Susan, Welcome here. Bridget's offered cogent advice. We are survivors and you'll join our ranks. In your exploration of our site, you've likely noted more of us are hanging around for longer periods. Lung cancer treatment has dramatically improved in the last 5 years. Here is something I typically share with new folks. Questions? Although we are not physicians, we have deep experience on every facet of lung cancer treatment. So ask away as you move through the diagnostics trail into treatment. Stay the course. Tom
  6. During a Lungevity's survivors zoom meet-up we discussed how best to make personal medical history available if one is incapacitated and family members are not present. One can purchase bracelets that warn of specific medical conditions and allergies, but we lung cancer survivors often have complex medical conditions and side-effects that can complicate diagnosis and treatment by emergency medicine professionals. A survivor mentioned the Health App found on an iPhone, and sure enough, one was hanging out on my phone completely devoid of any information. No longer, now it contains my complete medical history, and I've set it so emergency medical personnel can access this information right from the lock screen without entering my password or using biometrics to unlock my phone. Here is what I put on my phone: My entire lung cancer treatment history, dates of treatments, drugs used, types and areas of radiation administered Other chronic medical conditions: sleep apnea, Sjorgren's Syndrome and the like. My surgical history, types of surgeries, and dates Chronic pain conditions and locations Hard IV stick Intubation requires a small endotracheal tube Medication allergies Prescription Medication taken by type of medication and dose Blood Type Height, weight Two emergency contacts, by name and phone number Other models of cell phone have similar capability. Use this technology feature. It may save your life. Stay the course. Tom
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