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  1. Susan, I've had so many scheduled trips cancelled, I've become an expert in travel insurance claims! My medical team all suggest a strict quarantine till herd immunity is established. This due to my very low pulmonary capacity and the primary attack point of the virus is my under capacity lung. I'm sitting this one out confined to the house or driving Martha to a shopping destination and remaining in the car. Martha disinfects everything brought into the house including Amazon packages and the mail. There is much clamor to open the nation and oddly I think that is a good idea. There won't be herd immunity till the virus spreads through a large portion of our population. A vaccine may help but I'm troubled by reports I've read about re-infection with COVID-like symptoms. So this may behave like our annual flu virus where virologists take a best guess at a vaccine formulation that may not have any effect on the virus in circulation. One more thing I think about---I don't want to have waged a successful campaign against lung cancer to be taken out by a simple virus! So, I am staying inside and.... Staying the course. Tom
  2. Tom Galli

    First Time Out

    Today, I ventured out of the house for the first time since March 2nd. It is 86 degrees, no wind (reduced pollin), and I’m sitting in a lawn chair in my front yard overlooking a verdant green cul-du-sac. There is hardly any noise except for the birds and what might be the first chirping of cicadas. This is supposed to be a loud summer. It doesn’t sound that way yet. It is the dinner hour for most so the quiet stillness is expected. Still, it is abnormal in my experience. I read a news piece that Rush Limbaugh is having a tough time with first line treatment. Lung cancer is the great leveler. King or surf, prince or pauper, everyone gets the same stuff. Most of us don’t get celebrity attention. I’d venture most of us don’t want it. Can you imagine having to get all gussied up for an interview two days after an infusion? No thank you! But Rush is notable in some circles and his plight (the stuff we all quietly deal with) somehow becomes newsworthy. On reflection, I can think of a number of notable persons among us who ought to endure our “plight”. If they did, I bet the lung cancer world would be vastly different. Did you know Hope Summit alumni are having a Friday zoom-meeting. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll ensure you get an invite. It is great fun. No news from me is good news. Stay the course. Tom OBTW—am well socially distant. Closest thing to me is a male cardinal who is slightly pissed off with my intrusion!
  3. All lives are important. This soldier’s Valor deserves special mention. Stay the course. Tom
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