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    Mother stage IV Diagnosis

    Carlos, Welcome here. Sorry to learn of your mom's diagnosis but as you've reported, she had a treatment plan and a good one -- immunotherapy. Here is information you may find useful about immunotherapy. Your mom is having conventional chemotherapy (like two drugs) in combination with immunotherapy. That treatment is now a standard of care for some Stage IV NSCLC and can be very effective. The conventional chemo will be infused. Here are some tips on infusion (I note she's got a port, a very good idea). I would follow her doctor's suggestions on food to avoid, if any. She'll likely find food unappetizing after infusion and indeed, my wife needed to "encourage" me to eat during my chemo! Which way is up? With advances in immunotherapy, there is far more than hope for a good treatment outcome. There is actually a chance the treatment will cause NED -- no evidence of disease, our very desirable treatment objective. You'll likely have questions and this is a good place to ask. Stay the course. Tom