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  1. Feeling happy for your dad..... I will be praying for your family and the best medical care along with a swift recovery.
  2. Being healthy overall at the time of diagnosis is associated with a longer life expectancy, and a greater ability to withstand treatments that may extend survival. Find ways to stay healthy and learn everything you need to know about the condition.
  3. It Ripped My Heart. Thank your dad for being the only person who can make you simultaneously groan and laugh. We honestly can't thank them enough for everything they did for us. Our prayers are always with you.
  4. Thanks for starting this thread. Keep updating us about you treatments. Our prayers are with you. Good Luck!!
  5. One of my friend diagnosed with lung cancer. It will detect when its become stage 3 lung cancer. After the cancer screening and its tests doctor recommend chemo + radiation. But cancer spared to liver. Then he had going through surgery. Situation was so critical at that time. But now his recovery is going well.
  6. Hey dear, Happy thanksgiving day to you, too.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I can only imagine how difficult this time and level of pain and grief you've to endure. Please keep moving forward.
  8. One of my friend diagnosed with lung cancer before a year ago. He got his treatment from last 7 month. And now his recovery going well.
  9. One of my friends diagnosed with SCLC lung cancer. I took him to his chemo and after he finished the 2nd round of that her oncologist wanted to do another scan to see his condition.
  10. The best advice I can give you is to enjoy every minute you get with your dad, and spend more time with him, support him in his fight, for as long as he wants to keep fighting.
  11. My grandmother survived in 2013 November. After surgery chemo and radiation her recovery is going well. Thank all for sharing.
  12. My granpa diagnosed with stag III lung Cancer. Doctor had removed the tumor by surgery. After surgery, he received chemotherapy. Now he is 54 and well.
  13. One of my friend is diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Doctor suggest her immunotherapy to improve her clinical outcome. And its result in some side effects also.
  14. Thanks for started this discussion. People only focus on the negative side of lung cancer. But after reading this perhaps they will focus on positive side of lung cancer.
  15. Thanks for sharing Patients and caregivers alike report feeling a loss of control after a cancer diagnosis. Maintaining a balance between your loved one’s disease and the daily activities of your own life can be a challenge. It may be helpful to identify the parts of your life.
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