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  1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words and welcome. You have helped me get past the obsession with the stats and be more positive about my chances and get past the 'You currently have less than 6 months' talk with my oncologist. Sorry it has taken so long to respond, I live in the sticks and my sattelite internet is not the most dependable. I'll try to post weekly to keep up with you all and seek your advice when I hit a wall. God bless.
  2. Hi, I'm John in Mulvane KS. Just started my 1st chemo today for stage IIIA lung cancer, diagnosed about 2 months ago. I'm 57yo and a LPN/charge nurse doing long term/skilled care. I've taken a leave to concentrate on my treatments and have good support but am still scared, got obsessed with survival stats and really depressed myself but now that treatment has actually started (radiation starts tomorrow) I feel that finally I'm living in the solution. Thanks for reading and God bless.
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