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  1. Hi David, I think it's very kind that you're leaving behind letters that will be so much comfort to your wife and children. I'm in my third year of widowhood and enjoy reading the notes that my husband had written for me while he was alive. I'm also sorry that you and so many others are enduring such a painful disease.
  2. A slice of Jason's tumor was sent to Foundation One and insurance covered it without petitioning
  3. I would go for more opinions from other oncologists to see what their treatment options are since you also have PF. We went to several oncologists to find out what was available for Jason's treatments.
  4. I found the GriefShare program (13 weeks) to be helpful. There were participants who had lots spouses, parents, grandparents, children, and friends. It was nice to talk with people in person who "get it" and I've kept in touch with a few people after the program ended. I was super close to my Gram, too, and I still think about calling her every once in a while. She passed from cancer in 2002 and I miss her like it was yesterday. She taught me everything I know about baking and sewing and we spent a lot of time talking on the phone over the years.
  5. I have trouble seeing smokers and not having a reaction. I wouldn't say I get angry...maybe more so a bit jealous. What I do get angry about is people still asking if Jason smoked after they find out he had lung cancer. For the record, NO he did not and I hate that it's then perceived like those who do smoke and get lung cancer some how deserve it....which is totally not true. I have been told I'm sometimes too passionate about my response when people ask if Jason smoked.
  6. Jason's cancer returned in the other lung about 5 months after completing chemo post-pneumonectomy. Recurrence can happen at any time. She could ask her medical team why they're waiting until April for the next PET. They may have a reason for the wait and if not, then maybe it could be scheduled sooner. How is she feeling? I also hope it's not recurrence.
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