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    JPKP06 got a reaction from bjacksontex in Anger toward smokers   
    I have trouble seeing smokers and not having a reaction. I wouldn't say I get angry...maybe more so a bit jealous. What I do get angry about is people still asking if Jason smoked after they find out he had lung cancer. For the record, NO he did not and I hate that it's then perceived like those who do smoke and get lung cancer some how deserve it....which is totally not true. I have been told I'm sometimes too passionate about my response when people ask if Jason smoked.
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    JPKP06 reacted to cclin001 in the insurance refuse to give my mom Tarceva   
    I have called Genetch.  Although they can not give me Tarceva right away as my mom is in Taiwan, they give me the phone number of Roche(Genetech's parent company) in Taiwan. 
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    JPKP06 reacted to CindyA in Light a candle in honor or in memory of someone you know.   
    Light a candle in honor or in memory of someone you know.

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    JPKP06 reacted to jo_lanier in wedding vows   
    Curtisg, those are truly the most beautiful vows I've ever read. Did you two video tape your wedding? If you have a tape, maybe watching it will help you keep that memory fresh in your quiet spot.
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    JPKP06 reacted to Remembering Dave in wedding vows   
    Cutis, don't worry. What you are doing is perfectly normal. Those were beautiful vows and a testament of true love. Hang in there, we are all here for you.
    David C
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