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  1. We all understand...We all have been there and many of us still are..You will get through this..You can do this!!
  2. I am curious for all of you that have non small cell adenocarcinoma stage 2A... Seems many sites I go to. There aren't many with stage 2A like myself..I had surgery last year to have a.lung resection done with a couple lymph.nodes positive so I had chemo following the durgery.Approximately 7 months later they found some lymph nodes in mid chest positive. They think.it was there.before but to small to see on a scan.. 30 radiation treatments and chemo completed in May..pet scan in July...no cancer detected....exhale.. My question is to all of you scan the same adenocarcinoma stage 2A..what tr
  3. Yes I actually had stage 2A, had surgery and chemo... app 6 months l a terrible had e m larger lymph nodes in chest that were positive, I then had radiate x30 and chemo x5. Dr believes it was there before but to small to show on any scans...poo etc scan done one minute nth ago..no evidence of disease... another one in 3 months.. very scary though.. good luck. Merilee
  4. I am stage 2A adenocarcinoma, surgery and chemo afterwards....local reoccurrence in chest nodes. Radiation/ chemo done..my question is my Dr never did any testing for mutations that I am aware of...do they usually do the if the stage is higher or no surgery was done ??? I read about others syncing this done..but never heard from Dr that I did...not real sure what it's for.? Thanks for any response..Merilee
  5. Have completed my radiation and chemo for Local recurrence. I now have a lot of pain Swallowing, medications not doing much...have Also noticed more shortness of breath, chest Discomfort and back pain. I believe this is Normal but hope it ends soon..it's Bern two Weeks since last treatment. Anyone else have These side effects? Just hoping it gets rid Of the chest nodes...MM
  6. Ralph, just reading all the replays to you,It is February Now and was wondering and hoping you made the decision to not wait and have the surgery. That is how my adenocarcinoma non small cell was diagnosed...when one of My many nodules grew..it I'd do very important To not wait and see with this..the sooner the better, I had a wedge resection to remove the tumor On my lung as soon as I was able...please update good luck to you. M M
  7. Thank You all for your compassion, it means a lot. Well had Pet Scan and an MRI of the brain....all ok so at present have to worry about the two lymph nodes on chest. will be having radiation consult next week Tuesday and Chemo teaching next Wednesday. I will start the Chemo the following week Taxol/ Chesplatin ( or something similar to that spelling) ? I think the radiation will also start then..hate the thought of going through the chemo and getting poked so much....very tiny gains..but don't want a port so...Herr we go again...hope for no bad side effects. This is considered local recurr
  8. re: washashlore. I too had wedge resection 6/15 along with having to have repair to three lung collapses...I continue to have back and rib pain....now follow up CT showed enlarged node in chest,.positive for local recurrence..more tests before more chemo and radiation to make sure there isn't more anywhere else. So here we go again.. good luck to you. M M
  9. Cindy, first let me say usually you have PetScan,s and other scans before they can talk about what what treatments are the best for you. I had a wedge resection for adenocarcinoma stage 2A. I was not able to have more of the lung removed due to some COPD. I would have had that if the docs felt i could. If your staged and they feel this is best for you. I think the benefits far outweigh the effects. I know people that have had this surgery and may have done breathing issues, but they are happy they were one one of then people that still could have surgery.. I wish you the best..take care.
  10. Sorry don't know how to change the size of my post...small I know..
  11. Update enlarged nodes biopsied cancer in 2out if the 8 biopsied...saw radiation oncologist today, my oncologist referred me....at present thought to be local recurrence. Rad Dr wants a MRI and PET done to make sure not anywhere else.CT done a few weeks Bach which only showed the enlarged nodes. ? Suggested radiation daily 5-6 wks and chemo 1x a week for 5 wks. Dr said cells were microscopic and obviously were not seen before ? At surgery they removedb7 nodes along with the tumor and 2 node removed was cancer.....guess the chemo didn't get rid of all of it...now worried about this treatment a
  12. Hi I live in the midwest (Wisconsin ). I had many nodules that were followed for many years to make sure of no changes..I had all the normal tests bronchial scope. Biopsy some were diagnosed as Macrobacterial infection. This should infection which can be caused by different environmental things...soil,bird droppings even water.It I'd treated long term antibiotics usally three different ones. I was treated for the past year with testing often to see is antibiotics were working.Then about right at the year mark one of the nodules was growing which as then diagnosed adenocarcinoma stage 2A. So m
  13. Thank you so much for sharing and commenting on my introduction, I read your profile and found it very interesting and hopeful. I went for another scan the other day due to me still having pain,which us now thought to be due to.my surgery. There was an enlargement of a few lymph nodes which scares me. Before this dx., I had been on three antibiotics the past year for Mac. I am hoping it I'd inflammation. But as all of you know everything is questioned..Will update after i see pulmonary Dr. Take care all
  14. Hi Renee I am new to this site as well, I had my last chemo treatment 9/2015 after having surgery in MAy to remove stage 2A adenocarcinoma lung cancer. Now worry about all the pains I feel not being sure what the reason is for each of them...I see you are also from Wisconsin too. Well hello and nice to meet you...I am glad there are online support like this one, I think it may be very helpful....
  15. Diagnosed adenocarcinoma lung cancer stage2A. 5/2015. Surgery to remove tumor 6/2015,followed by chemo x4.completed 9/2015. Now scans every 4 months. Joining online support to connect with others going through the same.
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