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  1. I read about the bp fistula, sounds like a nightmare. You went thru hell I think. I hope you're not in daily pain. Re: the constipation, 4 years ago I had a kidney removed so I'm familiar with the opioid based drain clogging. I've stocked up on laxatives. Lol One of the things I'm anxious about is whether this mass in my chest is a met from melanoma (5 years ago), kidney cancer (4 years ago), or a brand new primary. Could be any of those I'm told and we won't know for sure until it's excised and biopsied. Ah the joys of getting old. Thanks again. Even if no one else answers I'm much less fearful now. Elaine
  2. Tom, THANK YOU! I have read so much online but youve written the most detailed description I've found and answered all my questions. I'm so sorry you had to lose your whole right lung. That is still a possibility for me - surgeon says he won't know for sure until he gets in there - so I'm completely relieved to hear how well you're doing and you're not on oxygen! That's fantastic! I was afraid my life would change forever. I will heed your advice about kids. Last thing ya need after a lung removed is a lung infection! Glad you got thru yours ok. If I may ask one more question, I've read, and my surgeon mentioned, the possibility of permanent nerve damage on the side they open up ranging from mild numbness to mild aches to sporadic severe pain for which I'd be referred to a pain management specialist. Have you experienced any residual pain on your right side? Elaine
  3. Hi! I'm new here and soooo glad I found you all! Even though none of us really wants to have to be here. I am scheduled for a lobectomy in less than 2 weeks. Originally the surgeon thought he'd have to remove my entire right lung but after an MRI he now thinks he can save the inferior lobe. Quite honestly, I'm terrified of this surgery (open lobectomy with removal of tumor in mediastinum) because everything I've read talks about 1. how painful it is and 2. how long and difficult recovery is. I would appreciate if anyone would care to share their lobectomy recovery story. I just need to know the unvarnished truth - should I prepare myself for a lot of pain? Can I sleep on my back? Will coughing be horribly painful or mostly tolerable? How long did drain(s) stay in? How long were you in hospital? Any complications? When did you feel like your old self again? Are you out of breath all the time? Thank you for taking time to read this and, I hope, to answer. Elaine in CT (I go to Dana Farber in Boston so surgery will be at Brigham & Women's)
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