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  1. Thanks Bruce but I decided won't be doing anymore chemo my body can't handle it almost died
  2. Cisplatin and Pemetrexed
  3. Been a week been hospitalized twice seizure and severe dehydration the chemo Is to much for me I won't be doing 2 Ned treatment my body won't be able to
  4. Mary your also amazing
  5. Tom read your story your a true inspiration
  6. Thank you will keep udated
  7. Just had March 4 The first day is the worse but once they adjust your meds its ok.Coughing hurts the first 3 days but important that you cough at hospital and make sure you blow on the thing they will give you and keep doing I did I'm commercials was easier for me.They took out 2 days later chest tube was home next day.i have a hard time sleeping on my back. But that was all I could do 2 weeks later stopped pain meds the stitches don't hurt Homest what hurts more like a raw feeling under my breasts they said that won't go away and medicine won't do anything nerves take long to heal other than that putting a cold water bottle against it helped Wish you quick recovery anything else u need to know don't hesitate to ask
  8. My hubby will be coming that is so great with you one day at a time
  9. Thank you Donna very glad they caught it and I went unfortunately when they did the Surgey 2 out of the 6 lymph nodes they took had cancer so dr wants me to do treatment every 3 weeks 4 times in total im not doing radation it's to close to my heart
  10. Hi Debi I'm 47 I have stage 3a lung cancer had no symptoms at all went for yearly check up dr did X-ray within. 3 weeks I had my upper right lobe removed at Surgey of removal March 4,2016 I start chemo April7 super scared have 4 4 hour sessions total once every 3 weeks
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