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  1. Hey Tom - 

    I didn't know there was a subreddit out there but so glad you posted. Any way that we can get people good information is aces. Too many people just jump onto Dr. Google and don't check their sources.

    Have a super day!

  2. I received my second dose on Tuesday. The process for this round was much better than the first. I did experience side effects with this dose. I had nausea on Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I also had fever and chills on Wednesday. Woke up Thursday morning back to 100%. This is a tiny price to pay to FINALLY get back to some semblance of normalcy. According to materials I ready, the Moderna shot reaches full efficacy at 6 - 8 weeks after the first dose which puts me at the end of February. I have a haircut scheduled for the end of February - first one in a year!

  3. It was probably not intended to but this string made me smile. Getting older is not for the faint of heart! I don't have cataracts (yet!) but oh do I need some new glasses. I'll get my second vaccine tomorrow so in about 5 weeks, I'll start back up with appointments I let slide over the last 11 months. 

    BTW - my optometrist kept a close watch on me during chemo. Apparently one of the combos I was on can cause permanent damage. Chemo - the gift that keeps on giving.

  4. Hi Jersey Rose - 

    I had an upper left lobectomy almost 5 years ago. You've received lots of good tips here. As you will be by yourself, anything that you can do to place chairs or side tables closer to where you'll be sitting is good. They'll be something to lean on as you stand up. 

    My pain was manageable and I was able to walk a little more each day. Using that spirometer is key to making those walks easy. Post-surgical constipation may be an issue so be mindful. Just remember to tell your medical team if something doesn't seem right.

    Let us know how your surgery goes. Wishing you luck - 

  5. I got my first dose of the vaccine the last week of December. My husband and I registered with the county - we thought - as a placeholder. We both had appointments within days. I won't complain because I'm very fortunate to have received the vaccine but it was a mess. I was able to stand for 3 hours but there were seniors there who had issues. Line was outside with NO place to sit. I'm scheduled to get my second dose in a couple of weeks. 

    I am thankful that the vaccine rollout - as rough as it is - is underway.

  6. `I had an upper left lobectomy in 2016 followed by a recurrence in 2017 and another recurrence in 2018. My cancer had spread to my lymph nodes prior to diagnosis so it was not a surprise that the recurrence was in a lymph node in the aortic arch part of my chest. My second recurrence was in the bottom of my lower left lung. With the first recurrence, Super Doc biopsied it to confirm it was the same cancer (it was). With the second recurrence, he didn't recommend and I didn't request a biopsy. I didn't care what "flavor" it was - I just wanted it gone. I'm not cancer free 2+ years since the last recurrence.

  7. 6 hours ago, Rower Michelle said:

    Hi Robert,

    So nice to hear from you with wonderful news!!   I’ve had issues with edema & have to take a water pill too, however after about a year my potassium levels started to fall.  You may also want to ensure your wife has potassium rich foods like bananas & citrus.   Watermelon helps to keep swelling down too.  All the best to you and Vera for a joyful         holiday!!


    I have continued swelling more than three years after my last treatment. Neither Super Doc nor Super Primary Doc can pinpoint a cause so take HCZT every day and Super Doc prescribed potassium.

  8. Hi Melissa and welcome. I certainly understand trying to make financial decisions in the middle of treatment. Right before I was diagnosed, my husband quit his job to start his own company. We then found ourselves staring down the barrel of a stage 4 diagnosis and the possibility that surviving on disability might be in our future. Whew that was a time but it all worked out. It took us about 2 years to make a big financial decision but now we are finally comfortable making (most) decisions without considering my cancer future. 

    Good to hear you have an awesome support system and medical team. We're always here for you. Happy Holidays!

  9. Best part of all of this is that after a COVID test later this week - which should be negative because we go NOWHERE- I get to see my parents next week. I haven't seen them since February! We've all been playing safe and staying home but I need to go see them. Looks like Dad's got prostate cancer now so I just need to go home!!

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