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  1. Hi, thank you for your responses. I am now doing chemo and Keytruda....when chemo is done I will just be on Keytruda....I have read and heard a lot about this drug buying people more time....I hope it buys me some...I have a lot on my bucket list to give up now
  2. Hi , my name is Mary and I am 68 yrs young. I was diagnosed with NSCLC ado carcinoma in sitiu in 2015. I had a lobectomy done Right lung. No chemo or radiation was done at the time. When I went for my 6 month check up another nodule had appeared , it was malignant. I had a course of chemo and radiation, and it was in remission for a year. Now I have malignant plural effusion, and the outlook is very grim. Has anyone else ever faced this.
  3. Hi my name is Mary, I have no idea if I a m doing this right.i was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in 2015 .....they removed a lobe of my right lung and told I didn’t needed any chemo. 6 months later it was back.....it took me 4 months to get all tests and finally treatment. Which included radiation and chemo.......here we go again 6 months later little Esther ( is what I call it ) is back and growing. Saw Drs yesterday and of course they give me all the bull lucky..... I am tired
  4. My son was diagnosed with the same. He had surgery to remove the tumor. They couldn't get it all.... the next course of treatment was radiation,and chemo. They both took a toll on him ... but he kept his same crazy sense of humor, and a smile on that beautiful red headed face.
  5. Hi, my name is Mary and I have stage 4 BAC Adenocarcinoma which is a rare type of lung cancer. I was told only 3% of the population suffer from this. In June of 2015 I had my middle lobe right lung removed. At the time the cancer center I was going to said it was Stage A 1 and I didn't need any chemo or radiation . I had a weird feeling and went to one of the top hospitals in Phoenix. They put me through all kinds of tests and afterwards I was told the original diagnose was wrong ( NSC adenocarcinoma ). That's when I was told it was BAC Adenocarcinoma stage 4 since it reoccurred . It is not from smoking, and it is a recurring type of cancer. I went through Proton Beam radiation , and now chemo. Already I have another nodule on my lung. I am looking forward to meeting others going through this.
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