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  1. This is David, pammie's husband. I am grieved to let all of you know that Pam took her last breath Monday, Nov 5th at 3:21 in the afternoon. Her final hours were quite peaceful, surrounded by family at home, where she wanted to be. She really appreciated all of her lcsc friends and prayed for many of you by name in our evening prayers. I thank all of you for your encouragement to her. She was sweet and very, very thankful for all of her many blessings to the very end. That helps so much. Cancer is a dreadfully painful disease and no matter how your disease progresses, thanksgiving for all of your blessings makes it easier to face. She left this world with a great love for her family and a great love for her savior, Jesus. I pray that all of you have or find the peace she had. Thank you, David
  2. pammie

    Roll Call...

    Sick with some kind of infection for 2 weeks in June, then offf to a family reunion and then back to meet our grandaughter born while we were in the mountains. Been a busy summer. pammie
  3. Being the caregiver is very stressful. Do not feel guilty. My husband is my driver and so many other things since my vision became impaired . I hate to ask him to do anything but have to. He always does it with a wonderful attitude. One thing he does that is a big stress reliever is play golf at least once a week. Perhaps Hawkeye you could find some kind of exercise to do several times a week as a stress reliever. Would be good for you and your wife to spend some hours apart during the week. God's blessings on you and your wife. pammie
  4. Family traditions are a great way to hold on to tender memories. May God bless you and the boys with peace. pammie
  5. our prayers are with you in the loss of Lee, your mom. pammie
  6. pammie


    have bronchitis right now. Taking the ususal meds for it. Very common ailment for me over tne past 20 yrs. Praying for a quick recovery. pammie
  7. Cheryl, i am so sorry for your bad experience. Sure appreciate you coming back again. So many wonderful people here. Will be keeping you in our prayers. pammie
  8. Just lovely. Thanks Randy. pammie
  9. pammie


    Melinda, I think of you often and keep you and your kids in my prayers. So many people have good but misguided intentions in what they say to someone who has lost a mate or child.They just say what they have always heard or think is appropriate. Amazing the thoughtless words we say at times. So we look beyond the words and appreciate the person for thinking of the family. Certainly not always easy but a must for focusing on the future. We need compassionate people like you in nursing. Our son-in-law just got pinned for his RN this month and we are so proud of him and thankful. So give it all you've got and touch the lives of those who are in need. God bless you Melinda. pammie
  10. pammie


    Go Connie Go! Thanks for giving us hope. God bless you. pammie
  11. puzzling for sure. You are in our prayers and don't forget the HOPE we get from you. God's blessings. pammie
  12. My uncle lost his wife last Oct. He does a lot of the things mentioned, repeating, forgetting, etc. Part of it is the grieving process and of course he is very lonely. A doc needs to assess the situation. Antidepressents can be very helpful. Often people don't realize how depressed they are so with lots of love and gentleness he needs to get some medical care. pammie
  13. pammie

    The Struggle

    God bless you Don. You and Lucie have been a wonderful example of perseverance and steadfastness in times of crisis. Perhaps God was preparing you Don to minister in this new way. None of us can know the mind of God and how the creator works.I will continue to keep you in my prayers and plan on meeting up with you and Lucie in heaven. pammie
  14. Thanks for all you do on this site Katie. May God fill your birthday with blessings and happy memories. pammie
  15. Mary, will be keeping you in our prayers. This is tough news. God's blessings on you and family. pammie
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