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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from josie1961 in Scan results - POST HERE!   
    Great news yesterday re: CT scan. Following a scare last month on my routine scan which showed that my lung had collapsed again (which bought me another bronchoscopy & biopsy, which were good), my scan done on Monday revealed absolutely no abnormalities plus my lung is almost entirely re-inflated! Three months of freedom!  Yay!!!
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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from KatieB in Ct scan results   
    Yay! Congratulations on the good news! It just doesn't get much better than that.  I'll be finding out tomorrow about the scan I had on Monday; the last one showed that my lung had collapsed again (only a mucus plug), so I'm hoping the lung is back & fingers crossed for no nasty surprises.
    for you!
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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from LaurenH in Glad to find you   
    Hi Lauren,
    Appreciate your kind words. I will keep checking regularly; I always come away with something positive. I go to the oncologist tomorrow to find out the results of the CT scan I had done on Monday...hopefully my lung is back and no nasty surprises! So far, though, I am grateful that, even when the results haven't always been great, there has always been, so far, a way to treat the complication & get back on track.
    Again, thanks for the good thoughts...glad  you guys are here!
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    RuthieThomas reacted to Bruce u in Ct scan results   
    I had an upper left lobe lobectomy followed by 4 rounds of adjuvant chemo in 2007. Been NED since until a march ct showed ground glass opacity in two lobes of right lung. I had just gotten over pneumonia so was hoping it was infection but my gp and surgeon were very concerned. Had a follow up ct and results today said previous opacities were resolved and no metastis seen. Sounds good to me.
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    RuthieThomas reacted to LaurenH in Glad to find you   
    Hi Ruthie,
    Thank you for sharing your story--your post brought a big smile to my face! I'm happy to hear that LCSC has been such a positive part of your life. I am sorry that it has been quite a roller coaster for you, but you seem like an incredibly strong person and role model to your daughter.
    Stay in touch!
    Digital Community Manager
    LUNGevity Foundation
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    RuthieThomas reacted to Juliecroe in Newly Diagnoses stage 4 lung cancer   
    Tom, you are a blessing to me. I am a rational, intellectual type and this information is exactly what I needed today. I am waiting for approval on my erlotinib but not standing still. I am using my waiting time to do a bunch of alternative immune-building therapies to hopefully work in conjunction with the erlotinib. I have read Gould but didn't know his story on this; I love it. I have read Gould as an amateur Christian apologist learning the "other" side. God has given much wisdom to many. The thing perhaps that makes me smile is Gould's inability to define that strong willed spirit. As a Christian I am blessed to define it easily as the action of Holy Spirit, God's image or "soul" in me. I took enough statistics classes to know what Gould defined but needed to be reminded; I am blessed to understand the spiritual he cannot define. I will be sharing this video.
    Thank you, Tom, for blessing me today. I am asking God's greatest blessings to you this day as you bless all of us.
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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from Tom Galli in Glad to find you   
    Thank you, Tom.  I must tell you that you are somewhat of a celebrity at our house...we have a 34-year-old daughter who, due to a brain injury, functions at about a 6 year old level. She was, understandably terrified by my diagnosis. Since finding this site, I keep telling her about you with close to the same diagnosis still thriving after 12 years. It has really gotten through to her & she asks about your regularly.   This is one of those times that you have a great positive effect in people's lives that you aren't even aware of!
    I always enjoy reading your posts...keep up the good work! 
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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from marc9338 in They figured me out...   
    SO happy to learn of your good news! Wishing you all the best!
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    RuthieThomas reacted to Cheryncp123 in They figured me out...   
    Marc, I am very excited to hear that you are a fellow ALKie. I have been on Xalkori (crizotinib) now for 15 months. I am stable with no signs of progression. Everyone's body reacts differently, but I can tell you the side effects that I have experienced have been minimal. In the beginning I had some visual disturbances such as flashes of light when going from a darkened room into a lighted room. If I take my medication without eating something first I will get nauseated and vomit. If I eat before taking my med I have no problem. I have had some severe bouts of diarrhea that have resolved with a probiotic. If I did not have to take my pills I seriously would not know that I have cancer. I do all the things I have ever done. I am praying that your results will be as good as mine have. God be with you.
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    RuthieThomas reacted to marc9338 in They figured me out...   
    My oncologist just called with lab results.  I tested positive for the ALK mutation.  She was very upbeat and positive about the targeted therapy options.  I am going on Crizotinib immediately. 
    Anyone else on Crizotinib?  Side effects?  Success to date? 
    God is good...  Praying this med does the trick!  For a long time
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    RuthieThomas reacted to Laralyn in Results of first post-treatment PET scan   
    I haven't posted a lot (just in the Introduce Yourself section) but I wanted to share this in case it gives hope to someone just diagnosed or going through treatments. I was diagnosed with Stage IIIb SCC, with a very large mass (5x6cm) in my right lung and affected lymph nodes all the way up to my collarbone. I had 7 weeks of chemo-radiation (IMRT, carbo+taxol), and I just got the results of the first PET scan (3 months post-treatment).
    There were a few spots to watch--some lit areas on the PET and ground glass opacity sections on the CT--but both the radiologist and my radiation oncologist believe those are inflammation from the radiation. The official results at this point are that there's no longer any sign of active cancer anywhere in my body.
    I strongly suspect the fact that the cancer was HPV+ played a role in its response--my previous tonsil cancer was also HPV+ and it also responded very well to chemo-radiation. If you have a previous history of HPV+ cancer, I highly recommend you ask for them to test any later cancers for HPV.
    I'm still processing the results because while I was optimistic, I wasn't THAT optimistic. It's a good example of why the median isn't the message. Here's hoping my CT scan in 3 months has similar results!
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    RuthieThomas reacted to marc9338 in Stage IV Lung Cancer   
    Thank you Ruthie.  I appreciate you response.
    God is doing something massive in my life.  I can't explain the peace I feel or the fight and determination I have in my heart.
    I was at my oncologist today and I just wanted to hug each and everyone of the people there and pray with this.  I don't know if that is normal for a 38 year old man to feel that way.  Probably not...
    I can't wait to see what God has around the next corner.  My story isn't over, just waiting for the next chapter to be written.
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    RuthieThomas got a reaction from Tom Galli in Stage IV Lung Cancer   
    So sorry to read of your recent diagnosis, you & your family will be in my prayers. I just wanted to tell you how inspired I was by your attitude & determination...those attributes will serve you well along the journey ahead. I was diagnosed in August 2015 w/inoperable stage IIIb adenocarcinoma, have had chemo, radiation, surgery (lymph node involvement) & more radiation, but am still in the fight.
    I am new to this site myself, but have found much good information as well as inspiration already, but was moved to tears reading your post. Love your attitude and the fact that, in the midst of your own crisis, you are already reaching out to help others. I am looking forward to reading of your progress & ultimate triumph! Thanks for the boost.
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