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  1. Sorry to give my opinion - or even better, ask for advice -, but maybe I can help, even if it is just a little bit. I understand both parts, Meloni. My mum has lung cancer and I really live far from her. We literally have an ocean between us, as she lives in Brazil and I live in Spain. As I knew what was going on, I left everything to be with her (my husband, my job, my house). My first thought was to help and take care of her, being a support for her and my father... I'm seriously thinking to stay with her until she is well again, no matter how long it lasts. She is not only my mum, she
  2. Dear Tom Thanks for answering. Your description of EFGR mutation of my mum's cancer is right. After the radiation sessions the pain stopped. I hope she have not additional tumors for now. I don't have more information, as I mentioned. My parents are trying to protect us and we only want to protect them. We still have to wait two months until she receive a new scan? Waiting is very hard. As much as not knowing how to help. She never smoked (neither me, my sister or my father, our friends and family), she never attended smokers environments and suddenly BAM! Tell me Tom, h
  3. First, I apologize for my English, but it is not my mother tongue. t's a relief for me to have found this site. Three weeks ago I knew that lung cancer came back on my mother. It's been terrible trying to show me strong and secure, confident and full of hope all the time when I only have doubts and fears. 3 years ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer in early stage. She was operated and lived well and believing that the worst was over since then. In January (2016), she began to feel terrible pain column. My parents did not worry more than necessary because she always had back pro
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