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  1. Hi Brandon, I am doing great! It's been 13 months since my diagnosis and surgery and last month I was cleared to resume my normal physical activities! So I have been hiking a lot lately! And I am now promoting the Breathe Deep Walk in Arizona for October! I am also participating in the Arizona Lung Force walks coming up in September and November. Good luck with your follow-up! I will keep you in my prayers! ✨ ~Yovana
  2. Hello Brandon, A lung cancer diagnosis at a young age for a nonsmoker definitely sends all of your thoughts and emotions for a whirlwind. I too am a young non smoker diagnosed last year so I can commiserate with you. I am glad you found this site, there are many knowledgeable lung cancer warriors with great advice. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way. ✨ ~Yovana
  3. Hi yyg123, I am so glad you have found this community. It has been a great resource for me and hopefully it will be for you and your boyfriend as well. I am a 35 year old, also a nonsmoker, who has lived a pretty healthy and active lifestyle. I too was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery this summer. I was also the youngest person in the hospital lung wing and I am the youngest person in my lung cancer support group. But for me, seeing that these older and more mature survivors are fighting and thriving through this awful disease gives me hope for my own future. I will include you and your boyfriend in my prayers so that he finds peace with his diagnosis and that you may both find a silver lining at this time. ~Yovana
  4. Hi Everyone, I had a follow up with my oncologist yesterday to review a CT scan I had done last week. He told me I was "disease free" (his words) and I asked him to repeat himself, because it was the first time a medical provider had used such simple terminology to give me an update since my original diagnosis of Stage IB Muscinous Adenocarcinoma in July 2016. I will have another CT scan in November and should have the results from my gene sequencing then as well. Everything has happened so fast for me, from my diagnosis to my surgery, to my recovery, that it all feels like a whirlwind and I am trying to get my footing in place too. These last few months have been difficult at times, and I am glad I had you all to help me through this process. Thank you all! My journey in this life is far from over and I look forward to reading all your updates. ~Yovana
  5. Hi! I am also in AZ! I am sorry to hear you were misdiagnosed. It sounds like that has been straightened out. You will be in my thoughts and prayers! ~Yovana
  6. Welcome Caroline! You will find lots of support and information on here! I am new myself, but have received a warm welcome and I know you will too! Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way! ~Yovana
  7. Hi RicKoehn, I am a new member as well. Diagnosed with Stage IB on 07/05/2016 and had a VATS procedure to remove my LLL. I was told initially I would be out for 2/4 weeks. I am 35 and pretty healthy otherwise. I work from home and thought I would be able to be back at work after 2 weeks. The recovery has been more taxing on me than I had imagined, I had never had a surgery previously, other than having my wisdom teeth removed when I was a teenager. I tend to feel fatigued with the least amount of physical activity. I am taking a couple of naps a day and I know that I would not be able to return to work at this time. My Drs office told me to take it week by week, as each patient is different. All I can recommend is to listen to your body, it will never lie to you. Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery! ~Yovana
  8. Hi! I learned about this website from a lung support group I attended this afternoon! I am currently a member of Inspire but Super excited to have a new forum to communicate with others that I can relate to and that can relate to me. I am 35 years old and I was diagnosed with Stage IB lung cancer last month. I had a VATS on 07/20/2016 to disect my LLL and all the lymph nodes tested came back negative. I am currently at home in recovery. My tumor was a 3.2 mucinous adenocarcinoma. Scheduled to have a CT scan next month and undergo genetic testing. See you around the website! ~Yovana
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