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  1. i recently approached my oncologist to arrange a neeedle biopsy to get molecular profiles of my nsclc. He told me the lung tumors were too small to to get a worthwhile sample. I then inquired about blood biopsies and got a similar response, namely that the blood often doesn't carry enough cancer volume to return a viable profile. Anyone have advice? Should I try a blood biopsy anyway. After two years of treatment, I still don't have biomarkers. Thanks Ebba
  2. Ebba


    My name is Ed, and I am a new member. I am two and a half years into treatment for stage 3 non small cell lung cancer, and the majority of my treatment has been chemotherapy. The one exception was a recent decision by my oncologist to try one of the new immunotherapy drugs, Tecentriq, which proved ineffective. Then it began to dawn on me that I know little to nothing about genomic and biomarker testing to determine which of the new immunology drugs might be effective in my case. For example, I do not know my EGFR or ALK status. By way of addressing that lack of information, I have requested a needle biopsy to get the ball rolling. Is that a good idea, and are there other avenues I should be exploring?.My problem early-on was lack of information and not asking enough questions. Any words of wisdom out there for a late bloomer? Thanks Ed
  3. Has anyone in the group had experience with the immunotherapy drug Tecentriq? I am stage 3 NSCLC and was switched to Tecentriq after chemotherapy failed to halt tumor growth. After three Tecentriq infusions, I'm told this treatment also is ineffective, and I am back to chemotherapy -- taxol and avastin. Any advice?
  4. Ebba


    I am a stage 3 non-small cell cancer patient receiving treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. Was diagnosed in the fall of 2014, and still doing pretty well. Initially, I received three chemo and 30 radiation treatments. I also have been diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma in my trachea, a rare and slow-growing cancer my docs don't seem too concerned about at this time. Any words of wisdom on my situation? I'm being treated for the lung cancer with a drug called Alimta, something they call a maintenance dose. Any insight out there about Alimta or a drug called Taxane/taxol, which also is under consideration as a treatment option. Thanks Ebba
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