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  1. We knew this day would come. But still prayed for a miracle.

    It so hard to believe that we will not hear from this beautiful lady ever again. She was such in incredible inspiration to so so many people on here. I think what I will miss most was her humor and wit. She certainly was one of a kind and the void without her is tremendous...

    RIP peace beautiful lady... heaven received a new angel...

    Maryanne :(

  2. Judy, I have been sitting her with my hands on the keyboard, not knowing what to say to you. This is so unfair and I feel that you being the incredible fighter that you are that you can beat this. This is so unfair and there is no way I can put in my mind that you should put things in order.

    I can't even express my feelings so all I am going all I can say right now is that I will continue to pray for you and that somehow, someway that this is all wrong and that you will survive this. This just can't be true. Praying this Gemzar works...

    Continued prayers to a remarkable beautiful woman.

    My heart to yours always,


  3. That's wonderful news Alan... I have heard nothing but great reports from cyberknife. When Joel was diagnoised the 3rd time with LC, cyberknife just come to South Jersey in Mt. Laurel. He was actually the first patient to go through it. What a milestone and to us a miracle....

    Congrats and Kudos to YOU!

    Maryanne :wink:

  4. Hi to all my old friends on here.... I know I have not posted but I keep up to date with my FB friends from here.

    Here is the latest regarding my husband Joel.... he had a Pet in Jan. but it was inconclusive as he had walking pnemonia (sp?) which he did not know. He was sick but never went to get it checked out. So they were not sure it they saw something or not because of the Pnem. He had to wait 8 weeks for everything to heal and had a CT last week.

    He had the CT last week and the results... another visited from our best friend NED.....

    Since Joel had that wonderful cyberknife he is now 3 1/2 years LC free!!

    I know we had a couple of our older members pass.... Tiny, Joe B and of course Colleen...Stephanie... My heart was heavy when hearing about them.

    Just wanted to share our good news.

    Maryanne :lol::P8):lol::mrgreen::wink:

  5. Sorry I havn't been on... really bumbed about all you have been through and being in the hospital. But I still love your humor through all of this. You are amazing....

    I am sending mediatation prayers your way, and hope to hear some encouraging news....

    Take care and heal...


  6. I remember you Bill and I remember all the anguish you went through. I just can't believe it was 7 years ago! She will always remain in your heart of hearts and will always live on through all those beautiful memories you made together.

    I for one strongly believe that she did see her daughter graduate, get married and was present during the birth of your grandchild. I even believe that she knew her grandchild before you daughter became pregnant. When the time comes for you to join her it will be a glorious reunion. Your love and devotion for each other will live on throughout eternity...

    My heart to yours Bill,


  7. I remember that well Mitch when you first came on.... now look how much changed. Your mom is doing great and you look so handsome since you lost all that weight.

    I hope those medical problems you had with the surgery are now a thing of the past and you are doing well.

    Thanks for the update, it was so good to hear how good things are.

    Maryanne :wink:

  8. Good news Annette...please take it as that because it is. I don't know the source of your stress but try to look at the positive things in life and concentrate on that.

    With so much going on in our world today with all this destruction, who knows what tomorrow will bring. We can perish at any time with nothing to do with illnesses.

    If you can get that negativity out of your life you, you may find some peace in yourself. I know that is easy to say but we have to take a look at the donut not the hole and know how precious life is when so many negative forces are around us that could effect our life span here on our beautiful Earth.

    I am just saying we don't know how long we have, so take one day at a time and when you wake up in the morning, thank G-d for that beautiful day.

    Take care and be good to yourself


  9. Just wanted to say congratulations Barb... that is the best news... :mrgreen: and if you break down... so what.. like you read on here that is what weddings are for and you certainly have a reason... but know that your husband will be walking with them both....

    Bless you,


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