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  1. Bendy I'm so glad to hear his cancer is in limited stage.chances for remission or Ned is so much greater. We found that if he eats before he gets his treatment less chance for nausea plus the nausea pills. Oh I will pray for him! Keep us informed.
  2. Thank you Kristen for thinking about us! Nothing new over here; vitals are good and he is eating.we see oncologist tomorrow.he will probably tell him no more chemo then it will be a new chapter from there the way small cell acts.I will keep in touch.thanks again
  3. Bendy good luck this week; we found that eating before infusions really helped with not feeling sick afterwards .it really helps.many prayers; husband is now a warrior !
  4. Michele


    Tom right now we have home care.physical therapy to strengthen his arms and legs so he can get up himself and use walker. He didn't want hospice yet. I think he is in denial. Maybe I am too Idk! I will look into it. Thank you for being here for me
  5. Bendy I'm sorry to hear about your husband.I sure hope he caught it in limited stage ( early ).they have advanced treatments for small cell now! My husbands was caught in limited stage and the doctors tell him all the time he is a lucky man because he had been battling for 2 and half years.2 times in remission he was still in remission but this last cycle of chemo wore him out. Stay positive have him drink a lot of water with his treatments and eat even when not hungry! No sugar cancer loves sugar! Prayers for both of you keep us in formed.
  6. Michele


    I can't sleep ; its 1:am and I should be sleeping! Its almost like I'm afraid to fall asleep I feel like I'm waiting for something bad to happen. He looks pale when he sleeps freiks me out!! The feeling is awful watching your loved one deteriate in front of your eyes! I look away and I forget until reality sets in .well that's all I'll try to sleep now have a busy day today.
  7. Hi my husband immunatherapy stopped working so they put him on chemo pill everyday .he had 3 cycles and then it wiped him out with dangerously low white count; phemonia and septis. He was in hospital for 10 days now home with home care which they really suggested hospice or Pallative care. They shocked me with 1 month 3 months if he is lucky 6 months. I'm officially a caregiver now and its not for sissy's. I'm so tired even though I sleep when he does which is a lot. I'm so scared if he doesn't go back on chemo his small cell will take over but chemo will destroy him too. His 2 and half years of being a warrior is not working anymore. Thanks for listening
  8. Michele


    The pill is something like etopaside not sure the real name yet we are waiting for it in the mail.good old VA.and thank you for the kind words.
  9. Hi my husband had 7 treatments and it just now stopped working.his tumor grew.they are now going to try a chemo pill and if that doesn't work he will have chemo infusions if all goes well and he survives .good luck!
  10. Michele

    Small cell

    Hi Golfman how were your test?
  11. Michele


    Hello my husbands cancer came back.he was on immunotherapy 7 treatments and it stopped working.they are now going to try a chemo pill .has anybody been on the pill? He was in remission 2 times in the 2 years which he has been lucky for that.so heartbroken.thanks for any response.
  12. Michele

    Small cell

    Hello everybody; haven't been here for awhile just like to inform you that my husband who has smcl cancer limited is in remission for a second time. He has had his 7 th treatment of tecentriq; 5 more to go and is doing very well on it. He is a very lucky man.as u all know small cell is so aggressive but there is still hope ! He goes for his next scan soon to see if he is still in remission; I pray he is. All u warriors out there who has smcl keep fighting ; my husband has had sclc going on 2 years now !thank you for listening
  13. My husband has smcl and he is in remission for the 2 Nd time. He is on tecentriq for maintence on his 7 th treatment. So far he is doing good. No bad side effects except being tired which is normal.
  14. Hi ! My husband is on generic form of tecentriq .he is on his 7th treatment .he first did the chemo rounds then the chemo and immunotherapy together and is in remission. Now he is on maintence for a year. 7 rounds so far and is handling it Preety good. He will have another scan to see if he is still in remission for smcl cancer. So far he is a lucky man.
  15. Hi Nat I'm sorry to here about your sister. My husband has small cell also. He went through chemo and Radation and was Ned ( no evidence of disease) for a full year. Unfortunately it came back Nov 2017 and has gone threw chemo again and it has shrunk the cancer in half. He will now get immunatherapy for maintenance. He had limited stage. Never give up hope.tell your sister to be a warrior! They have come along way for the treatment of small cell.my husbands attitude; and staying away from sugar I think what really helped him plus prayers of course. Good luck .
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