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  1. Good Morning! I had to respond to this immediately, because my boyfriend has the same exact problem! What has worked for us: Giving him 6 meals- smaller portions seem less overwhelming Play relaxing music to create a comfortable environment Stick to dishes that they truly love on the days that they loose appetite Make the food anyways when they refuse, just give them a small portion and encourage them slowly to eat Juice 3'xs a day- Kale/Spinach/Dandelions/Cucumber/Lemon/ Green Apples Taking cannibis to increase appetite Create an easy eating schedule and stick with it Making a variety of puree soups so that it's easier to eat without choking http://ohsheglows.com/2013/09/25/luxurious-7-vegetable-and-cheese-soup/ Zofran has really helped my boyfriend with the nausea feel better I have made that a couple of times, it was easy and delicious. I really hope this helps you. You're not alone in this! You will figure it out. Best, Hope
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