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  1. Tom, Still have not tried a flight. Was supposed to last week to Vegas for a business trip and chickened out. LOL This whole experience has been horrible. Especially alone. But sure glad I have my faith. Sorry it takes me so long to respond. Been going though tough issues. Staying the course though. Thanks Tom Kevin
  2. Thanks Tom, Sorry it has been so long to respond. Still trying to adjust to the NEW NORMAL. Finally back to work but has not been easy. New company is now requiring me to travel by plane and I am very nervous about doing so. They have basically given me no option and have threatened my job. UGH. This new life sucks so far. Trying to cope. Kevin
  3. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is KC and I am new to this group. NSCLC, Stage 2, Lobectomy Sept 29, 2015, Chemo before and after, shrunk 2 of 3 tumors, top left lung removed, So far, so good or as good as to be expected I guess. Life has changed as I knew it
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