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  1. It really does sound miserable for both of you, LexiCat and Susan. Susan, I hope you can get a handle on your digestive issues. If you had a day of vomiting and diarrhea, you probably got dehydrated which may have causes your fatigue anxid shakiness. I'm thinking about dehydration because I had a day of diarrhea and some vomiting recently for unknown reasons, not treatment related. I used Oral Rehydraton Salts, which we keep on hand for just such things. If your not familiar with ORS, it's like the adult version of pedialyte. It comes in an envelope that you mix with a quart of water. It gets
  2. Ice cream! Now that you mention it, I think my favorite sandwiches are ice cream sandwiches, especially the ones from Ruby Jewel, a local shop that will make one with homemade-style cookies and your choice of ice cream.
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