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  1. Thank you all for your responses. My surgery is going to be done via VATS. My oncologists actually said to just wait till my the chemo pill I am on stops being effective or when my scans show some negative results to go into surgery. My cancer gene mutation is mostly found on GI or Blood cancer patients and apparently I am the only lung cancer patient who has this mutation so there is no precedent as to how long this pill is going to last. Surgery was not in the original treatment plan. After a year on chemo and 7 months on the Imatinib (targeted therapy pill) they did another biopsy in September that showed my lymph nodes being non-malignant so we have been discussing back and forth on doing the surgery. I would like not ever have to undergo surgery but my last scan (3 months intervals) this month showed no movement at all on the measurements. Usually there is decrease in size even if it's just a 0.1cm. Anyway all your tips are greatly appreciated especially about the wedge pillow. It's just my husband and me without any support at home and we have 6 year old twins. I am just worried how incapacitated I will be post surgery and for how long. But this is our new normal now since I have been diagnosed back in April of 2015. How long after surgery do you get back to normal activities i.e. driving, doing chores and going back to working?
  2. Diagnosed with stage 4a NSCLC officially on March 2015 and apparently the only one with my kind of mutation in the whole world. Did the carboplatin/avastin chemo for a year and switched to Gleevec/Imatinib since April this year. About to "finally" undergo surgery to take out upper left lobe and was wondering If anyone had one and would like some pointers on what to do and any post surgery issues.
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