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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    I am a Mom to two grown Sons and two little Chiweenie "Rescue" Pups who we adopted in 2012. I am also now a very Happy "Nannni" to my first Grandchild, a precious baby girl came into my life in February of 2017. She is now my "littlest" LOVE and my greatest HOPE and INSPIRATION in my Cancer Battle. I have Stage IV NSCLC (KRAS positive) with no other mutations. I started my battle with a brain tumor and pulmonary embolism and it was all a sudden shock. I never had any symptoms of Lung Cancer, still do not - never had a cough or any pain, only a sudden onset of "vertigo" which was actually from the brain met. I am happy to be STABLE and doing okay. My treaments include; Cyberknife (for the brain met), Chemo (Carbo and Alimta), Radiation and Immunotherapy (Opdivo). Currently OFF Treatment and have been stable since August 2016 -- 28 months and counting!

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