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  1. We know that nutritional coaching helps people live a healthier life. People turn to dietitians every day to lose weight, manage their diabetes, and keep conditions like Crohn’s under control. What about cancer? When people think of cancer, they think of the nausea, vomiting, and taste changes of chemo. While we all know cancer patients are plagued by problems eating, very few patients ever see a dietitian. Those who do often wait until it’s too late. Studies show that counseling with a Registered Dietitian improves quality of life and outcomes for people affected by cancer. Nutritional needs change during the different phases of cancer treatment and nutritional counseling can help patients make well-informed lifestyle choices to address specific nutritional issues during treatment and as patients begin to improve and recover. It is essential to have a nutritional counselor support you through your journey and encourage you to eat the 'right' foods for recovery. Each cancer patient needs to have a specialized healthy meal plan for their body, because everyone is different. Savor Health is a company who has made it their business to provide cancer patients with the tools to strengthen their nutrition during treatments. They are backed by oncologists and dietitians to provide the best dietary recommendations for your journey. You can contact Savor Health and talk to a oncology dietitian about a meal plan that would work well for you.
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