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  1. This is from Melanies husband Greg. I just want to add my sympathy to Beth's family and friends for her passing. She and Melanie never met personally but my wife concider her a good friend. May God bless all of you and may you celebrate her life. Thank all of you thaat have been with my wife on this chat line. You have given her great support and encouragement. Thank you very much , Love Greg Cantlin
  2. MelanieLR


    Hi Cindi, Have a great time! I've never been to the windy city so I can't give you any ideas as to what you should see but I know you'll have a blast! Tip up a cold one for me! Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  3. Maryanne posted an update on CathyR from her sister on 7/7. I'm afraid it doesn't look good. I put a post on it to push it back to the top. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  4. OOPS - Cathy posted it on May 23. Don't know where I got 7/8 from! So sorry. Ok, now I'm worried too. Does anyone have her number from the calling circle? Take care, Melanie
  5. The last thing I've seen from CathyR was the post from July 8th. I put a reply on it to push it back up to the top. Hugs & Prayers, Melanie
  6. Just wanted to push this back up to the top. Someone was looking for CathyR.
  7. 1.) That I am here for my first anniversary! Neither of us thought we would see this day together. 2.) That I finally allowed myself to open up & marry the man I loved - heck of a way to wake up, but I'm glad I did. 3.) That even after being together for over 10 years, we still have that special glow of the newlyweds that we are. 4.) That my Hubbie is so sweet - he still loves to brush my short little hair & rub my puffy feet & achey back. 5.) That God has given me yet another good day to receive & give all this love. Hugs & prayers to all, Melanie
  8. Dear Melanie, Just want you to know that my prayers are with you. You remind me so much of myself, interesting that we have the same name. Just keep the positive thoughts flowing as much as possible. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  9. Dear Val, I'm so sorry. Just keep in mind that this is not an end but another beginning. Since I've been on hospice, my pain & symptom management has been incredible. I know how hard it is to be at the point when the fight ends but the comfort level is truly a blessing. I pray that God be with you all & bring comfort to everyone in the family. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  10. 1.) My Grandmother's pain is finally under good control. 2.) My new bone pain is almost under good control. 3.) A wonderful new friend named Patti. She is an incredibly sweet lady - I feel truly blessed in having "met" her. We met on e-bay when I bought some of her fabrics that were on auction. 4.) Having a great neighbor. He broought over some home made soup today - he's a really good cook. Took some to Grandmother. 5.) Finishing a lovely wall hanging to auction off at the benefit. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  11. Dear Maryann, Thank you for the info. I;m terribly saddened by the news. I will keep all of you in my prayers that the transition is as painless & smooth as possible for all. Cathy has always been a bright spot on this board & I'm sure she will continue to shine long after her soul departs. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  12. Greg & I add our heartfelt prayers. Hugs & more prayers, Melanie
  13. MelanieLR

    5 for 7/9/05

    1.) All of the incredible donations that we've received for the benefit we now have a grand prize of a custom designed computer system! WOW! (I'll let you all know when raffle tickets go on sale - we're still waiting to fill in one more good prize on the ticket - then, I'll print them). This kind of thing really restores my faith in humanity! 2.) Knock on wood, it looks like I'm going to make it to my first wedding anniversary! We have been together for more than 10 years but just never got married till after my dx. (7/13/04) 3.) My wonderful health cats who always seem to know when mom needs a little extra TLC. 4.) Beautiful weaather yesterday to use my new back yard swing. 5.) My sweet canaries who sing so prettily for me first thing in the morning.
  14. Oh what a glorious day! Hope you all hold that feeling in your hearts forever! Hugs prayers, Melanie
  15. MelanieLR


    Wow! That sounds just wonderful. This can be such a huge strain on even the best of relationships. I know Greg & I sometimes have the most incredibly stupid arguments & it's always just because this disease is making it hard for us to react in our usual manner. You are truly blessed to be doing this great work. And I'm so glad to hear that Lucie is up to it. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  16. well duh! I forgot the main thing I was replying to your post for... Yeah, that sounds like some of my more mild seizures. And yes, getting enough oxygen will help keep the seizure activity to a minimum. Hugs.. Melanie
  17. Hi Cathy, Good to hear from you! I'm hanging in there too. I'm always happy to hear when someone is having good times with those they love. Just remember to take care of you all the while. Get your oxygen in (I'm kind of bad about that too), it really helps & I've been told I'm much more crabby if I don't get enough in. I've finally got to the point where I just go ahead & get it in the schedule somehow. Well, you take care sweetie & Talk to you soon! Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  18. MelanieLR

    5 for 7/8/05

    Sorry I fell behind... 1.) My Aunt & Uncle who are caring for my Grandmother. 2.) Hospice who are caring for myself & my Grandmother. 3.) My Hubbie who is taking such good care of me. 4.) My motorized wheelchair so I can visit my Grandmother. 5.) The sweet, precious love of a Grandmother. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  19. MelanieLR

    5 for 7/2/05

    1.) Hubbie's Borther is coming out to see us today. Yay! Greg could really use a diiversion, 2.) Holiday is supposed to be beautiful weatherwise. Yay! 3.) Got another contribution today in the mail for the benefit. 4.) Got a final settlement on a very old workman's comp claim. Yay! 5.) I'm here posting my 5's. Yay! Hugs & Prayers,Melanie
  20. Dear Frank, Kind of like mission impossible... "This tooth will self destruct just when you need it the most - When you have a perfectly cooked piece of flavorful steak!" Take care. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  21. Dear Rich, My thoughts (& tears) are with you. There are times when nothing will help but a good cry. Thanks for helping me get mine over with. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  22. MelanieLR

    5 for 7/1/05

    1.) All of your beautiful thoughts for my Grandmother - thank you! 2.) Every hug & kiss my Grandmother ever gave me. 3.) The wise guidance my Grandmother has given me over the years. 4.) The beautiful memories my family will always have of my Grandmother. 5.) The total & unconditional love & support of an exceptional Grandmother. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
  23. Hi Beth, Just want you to know I care & that my prayers are with you. Hopefully you are snuggling up in that robe & finding a little comfort there. Hugs & Prayers, Melanie
  24. Hi All, I know I listed on my 5's yesterday that it looks like all my Grandmother had was acid reflux. I just found out it's cancer. They are not sure yet of the origin but they know that there is a tumor the size of a fist on her pancreas. I really wish it weren't there. That can be an intensly painful place for it. I can tell you one thing - I was absolutely certain when it hit my pancreas. they had to double my pain meds & it still doesn't quite cut it. We had a great talk today though. We have something in common that gave us a special bond to go through this together. She said that she was glad that she wouldn't have to be away from me for very long & I was thinking the exact same thing. At 90 years old, she doesn't want to go through treatment & I sure don't blame her. She said she's had a great life but that it's time to go home now & see the multitudes of people who are waiting for her & to meet her Maker. It's kind of sad that she was asking family members what of her things they wanted. Everyone was coming up with all the expensive stuff (I just don't get that) & when she got to me, I said I wanted to get the old family quilt so I can get it caught up to date to pass on to my neice. She made my Aunt go home & bring it to me right away so I can get it done before I'm too sick to work on it. This quilt has pieces from things like christening gowns, wedding dresses & suits, with names & dates embroidered on the cloth. There are many new pieces that need to be added & I'm thrilled that I get to do it. I've got to get my neice over to show her how to continue the project. The first piece of cloth used on it was my Grandmother's christening gown 90 years ago. It's embroidered with "Baby Helen / 9-3-15". Anyway - please pray for peace for her & a painless journey. Hugs & prayers, Melanie
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