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  1. Rita Have not had regular radiation to my chest, but did have SBRT. Noticed shortly after that those areas were tender and felt like a bruise if pressed on. Noticed because my Oncologist was checking my for breast tumors(my cancer before the lung cancer) and those small areas were VERY tender to the touch. Judy M
  2. I've had this a few times. It was about 2 punts. First pint in the first hour then second pint in second hour. I'm guessing a pint since it came in tall plastic containers. They had various flavors. Receptions told me vanilla was the least nasty, so I've stuck with that. The colder I could get it the easier it was for me to get down Judy M.
  3. When I was having Opdivo infusions they also changed my infusion time to 30 minutes rather than an hour. Had progression, so no longer having it now. Judy M.
  4. So glad to hear you are cancer free. And I know you'll feel better soon. Thanks for keeping us updated. Judy M.
  5. Susan That's great!! Thanks for sharing. Judy M.
  6. Marilynn I have not had SBRT for brain Mets, but did have it for 3 separate lung tumors at one time. All were treated at the same time on the same day consecutively. Later had SBRT on my left adrenal. All worked very well and I had no side effects but perhaps a bit of tiredness. Have also not had any later problems after more than a year. Oh, I almost forgot. I did have a mild case of pneumonitis right after the SBRT on my lungs. It was easily cleared up with Prednisone for 7 days. I'm a big fan of this type of radiation. Judy M.
  7. Hi Dan As others have said I'm sad for your diagnosis, but glad you've found us. I'm a stage IV Adenocarcinoma patient diagnosed January, 2017. This community had been of great help to me, and I'm sure will be to you also. As far as dealing with your diagnosis that pretty much throws all of us for a loop in the beginning. Good for you that you're already seeking how to regroup mentally and emotionally. I listened to a talk by a woman who had survived 7 years with an aggressive breast cancer early on after I was first diagnosed. Something one of her doctors said to her helped her and has helped me also. He said, "The cancer is going to do what the cancer does, the doctors are going to do what the doctors do, and God is going to do what God does. All you have to do is mind your joy." I can tell you from my experience of the last almost 2 years that cancer may shorten our lives, but can also give us great joy in the day by day. So, my advice is to mind your joy. Judy M.
  8. We do also have compassionate care drugs available in the U. S that have not yet been approved. I know because my last Oncologist who wanted to try the Opdivo/Yervoy combo next said that was the way he could get that. Judy M.
  9. Congratulations on NED status. Thanks for sharing and encouraging the rest of us. Like you, I hope she sees many more of these in the years to come. Judy M.
  10. Tom I think of you as our illustrious leader out there ahead cutting the way through for us. It's said in respect and affection. But I can hang that up if it bothers you Judy M.
  11. Don't know about Tagrisso and haven't taken it. But our leader Tom Galli has often said that when he was battling that side effect plain white rice worked well. I'm sure he'll jump on here soon and give you specifics. Hang in there. Judy M.
  12. Had 4 rounds of Cisplatin/Alimta. Lost about 1/3 of my hair. So, it just thinned and the texture became finer. Finished a year ago and same as it always was now. I believe it's the Taxol drugs that cause you to lose all your hair although everyone IS different. There are various side effects and you won't know yours until your first round. They will remain the same each time, but I did have a cumulative effect where each round was more intense version of the same. Once you know what yours are there will be those on here who have had them, gotten through them, and will be glad to do all they can to help you do the same. There have actually been some who barely experienced any side effects at all on strong chemo. Just a roll of the dice. You don't know til they land. Judy M
  13. Paige Tom pretty much covered the questions to ask the Radiation Oncologist thoroughly so I have nothing to add. Hope you've gotten to see one by now. Please update us on how things are going. Judy M.
  14. Welcome and hope you have great results on you scans. Judy M.
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